iPod reviewed by ‘Apple Hater’

“I am the first to admit that I hate Apple. I do not need anyone to convince me of that. But I do know when to give credit when credit is due. So after hearing all the rave reviews and great comments about the iPod I started to want one. Then they released the new iPod minis and I wanted one even more. But like I said I hate Apple and didn


  1. Funny, people thought that the iPod could never sell period, and now it is selling the Mac and OS X, but the question is, If Apple can’t even fill the orders for G5s now, how can it fill them when 1 million or 2 million people order them. Maybe Apple is better off at 3%. I would love to see every person on the planet with an Apple, but Do we as the Apple faithful really want the other 95 or even 20 percent to use it? Apple signifys the underdog, the innovator, the minority. If Apple become more popular, will Apple still be the Apple I know today? Hopefully so. I know this post is way off topic, but Who else thinks apple should make an awesome wicked game that absolutely ROCKS and comes free on every mac? or atleast an engine, and then release it for free but make the agreement that if you create a game with the engine you must create an OS X native Game along with a Windows version. That would Rock! not specifically for marketshare but for Mindshare, show that the Mac can absolutely run games, especially if the code was nice and lean, designed for iBooks and iMacs, all the way up to PowerMac G5s, the program called iCame or something, and make it super-easy to create an iBook version or a Powermac version, think of it like CoreVideo, but for games!


    But on the same site, they list programs that don’t run properly with XP:SP2.

    That is one long list and this is just the first few days.

    MS! MS! MS! What trash to force customers to digest!


    But on the same site, they list programs that don’t run properly with XP:SP2.

    That is one long list and this is just the first few days.

    MS! MS! MS! What trash to force customers to digest!

  4. Las cucarachas entran, pero no pueden salir, se�or. Que bola de gente mas atrasada. Ojal� y coman de su misma mierda. �Que se cagen en un palo todos los que no les gusta lo que estoy escribiendo!

  5. That article about the apps that don’t work with SP2 is incredible: Microsoft’s own apps, like Office, are included!!

    And the comments in the forum that follows are amusing, especially this one:

    “This is total shit! This time I seriously am considering going OS X. Have colleagues around with Apple laptops since that Apple OS of theirs got official blessing and with the troubles I – and others – have with Windows, and now this SP2, it starts to be embarrassing to still carry around a PC with XP in meeting rooms. You look like the one too slow to really understand what is going or around you – and you get that disgusting pity looks when the others open their Apple laptops and are ready at once and everyone waits for me and few other guys for XP to come out of hibernation or boot. LOOONNG embarrassing moments with all the giggles “Still not up?”, “Ready?”, “What? still booting?”

  6. posted by ‘Apple Hater’-Mike two weeks ago; re: Sony whatever player vs iPod (Mossberg review):

    I like the design. I don’t mind converting files to atract. Known Sony to be a trustworthy brand never had a problem with it.

    Not saying that the iPod would beat the Sony walkman in other reviews. Just saying Mossberg is an idiot. Because I my self like the iPod but its just a trust in brand that I have and want the sony

    Wow…big change of opinion, all it took was using the iPod

  7. i actually read this the other day, and loved it.. the part where he’s trying to look around the ipod for a volume knob and then uses the scrollwheel..

    everyone looooves adjusting the volume on an iPod.. the first time i did it, i found it so OBVIOUS.. so intuitive… IF youre listening to a song.. what’s the one thing, the ONLY thing you want to affect.. THE VOLUME!

    Brilliant, perfectly designed..

    PS. If you’re a switcher/adder.. don’t get a powerbook yet.. those things are way too powerful.. get an iBook.. and enjoy your 1400-1600 beauty

  8. This is very cool… I moved to the States a couple of years ago, and I was already a MAC user and fanatic. All my friends here in America were on PC, and I was just seen as a crazy lunatic with my white iBook. In the passed year, all my friends switched to MAC, I mean, all of them, and I have a couple of friends, I would say! Seeing me being happy in front of my computer was just something that my friends hadn’t seen for a while. The same friends that used to ask me why I was using MACs are now reading MacDailyNews everyday, a couple of times a day! The Halo effect is working… From the iPod and from MAC users!

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