Apple posts Compressor Update 1.2.1

Apple has released Compressor 1.2.1 Update.

Apple’s notes state that if you are upgrading from Compressor 1.2, the Compressor 1.2.1 update includes the following features:
– Improved application stability
– Improved Preview window performance

If you are upgrading from a version of Compressor prior to 1.2, the Compressor 1.2.1 update also includes the following features:

– Support for MPEG-1 output files
– Support for industry-standard letterbox aspect ratios
– Support for saving batches
– Preview window improvements
– Improved high definition to standard definition transcoding
– Timecode included in QuickTime output files
– Optimized export using Compressor from the Final Cut Pro HD timeline

Upgrading to Compressor 1.2.1 is highly recommended for all users of Compressor 1.0 or later. More info and download form link here.


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