Enderle: maybe it’s time for Apple and Sun to merge

“A couple of things happened last month that got me thinking about Apple and Sun and their failed merger attempt years ago… One very interesting product [is Sun’s] ‘Project Looking Glass,’ an operating system whose user interface looks like the version of the Mac OS that will come after Tiger. The new Sun operating system has a Mac-like task bar that has been pumped up with more realistic icons than Apple currently offers. It also makes better use of limited desktop real estate,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

MacDailyNews Take: Rob just loves the Apple/Sun merger idea. “‘Project Looking Glass’ has more realistic icons than Apple currently offers?” Yeah, right. Has Rob ever seen a Mac OS X desktop? We have seen both. Compare for yourself: Sun’s “Mac-like task bar with more realistic icons than Apple currently offers” vs. Apple’s Mac OS X Dock with photo-realistic icons.” Considering that Apple’s Dock can be set to be hidden when not in use, open windows can be minimized to the Dock, and Apple’s Mac OS X features Expos


  1. I was in favor years ago of Sun and Apple merging – that was before OS X. But now – it would be silly. What would Apple get that it doesn’t already have? It has a robust desktop and server architecture. It has java support. It has more applications and most Unix apps can run or be easily ported. The only benefit, solaris is tru 64bit (I think) – but that’s coming down the line – and is only needed by large servers – which are being replaced by clusters using InfiniBand…and Xgrid!

  2. Maybe not merge, but Sun and Apple could cooperate.

    Maybe Sun could license MacOS X for Sun workstations & servers. Maybe Apple could license some of that Looking Glass technology for future MacOS X….

  3. Sun has been bleeding money for years. Their infrastrure solutions are old old old. Apple’s X-Serve will upscale nicely to take over Sun’s old clients…

    So… why would Apple even consider merging with Sun?

    For the name and existing client base… but, is it worth it?

    Sun will be dead meat within 7 years. The longer Apple waits, the cheaper the purchase will be.

    Meanwhile… X-Serve takes over.

  4. OK, are you ready for this? It’s not original. I’ve heard it before. If Sun and Apple were to merge (an idea floated a few times over a dozen years ago) what would the company be called?


    If that happened we’d never hear the end of it. I’d have to buy an HP or a Sony, I guess. Not a Dell, of course.

    I don’t see much of a future with Sun except at the high end and that’s where the squeeze is these days.

    Xserve is cheap. And powerful. Sun is expensive, and no longer powerful (relatively).

  5. Mr. Enderle’s greatest character flaw is most obvious when he starts “thinking.” Maybe he should stop doing that. I’m sure it’s more painful than productive. The result certainly isn’t pretty.

  6. Milly’s joke reminds me of the joke: What do you get if you merge Apple and IBM.


    This was back in my OS/2 days. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  7. again, i find the comments unwarranted. Apple may have some good offerings in the server business, but it’s only for small and medium sized offerings. They don’t have anything to offer large companys. Apple has about 1% of server sales, while sun’s (even though it’s lower now than the late 90s) is at 20%. With apples 1%, they shipped 15,000 xserves last quarter. Multiply that by 20 to get 300,000 servers the companies could be selling per quarter.

    Also, instead of just pulling up a screen shot of project look glass, play with it a little and you can see that there are many many promising next generation ideas that could be incorperated well os 10.5 and beyond. Project looking glass is a truly 3D OS. It’s no a 3D like OS X with simple shades and translucencies. You can flip over any window and do stuff on the back, or flip it on the side to move it to the side of the screen to make room for something. Imagine opening up MDN and seeing something interesting you want to post about. As you read through the article, you turn the window over, take notes, and then when you’re done with the article, you can put together an intelligent post about what you just read. Then flip the window and the side and stow it away.

    Whether sun and apple merge (which i doubt they will) I would be surprised if these technologies aren’t soon built into OS X anyways.

    I think it’s fair to say that while 10.3 is amazing, and tiger looks even better, apple still needs to be looking toward the future. With slipping market share, having a larger server distribution channel would make their desktops look more delicious. Apple would truly have an end-to-end solution.

    I don’t know that this merger is actually the right idea for apple. But i just like to present the other side of the story, because this place has a tendency to just gloss over things because they think apple is perfect. And frankly, i find it infuriating.

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