100GB ABSPlus billed as first portable backup solution for Mac OS X

CMS Products, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of a new 100GB capacity for their award-winning portable ABSplus, the industry’s first complete, portable backup and recovery solution offering 100GB of storage.

According to CMS, for the first time Mac OS X users have an integrated backup and restore solution that provides automatic backup, single-button restore and now a large 100GB capacity, yet fits in a shirt pocket.

“The ABSplus, powered by BounceBack Professional, is the world’s easiest backup and restore solution,” said Ken Burke, president of CMS Products, Inc. in the press release. “We’re pleased to be the industry’s first company to provide a 100GB capacity in a complete solution that can fit in the palm of your hand. A must-have for laptop users and mobile professionals, the new 100GB ABSplus is also perfect for backing up large iMovie and iDVD files, big iTunes libraries and irreplaceable iPhoto collections.”

Powered by BounceBack Professional software, the ABSplus provides the ability to boot from the device in a single keystroke from any Mac OS X machine. As with lower-capacity portable ABSplus models, the new 100GB ABSplus is shockmounted to withstand up to 1400Gs of force, and comes with a three-year warranty.

A complete backup solution, the ABSplus hardware is integrated with CMS Products’ award-winning BounceBack Professional software to make backup and restore extremely easy. CMS Products’ patent-pending “Automatic Launcher” technology makes backing up a breeze by automatically sensing when the ABSplus device is connected and backing up the system. The ABSplus’ BounceBack Professional software activates incremental backups automatically, by simply
plugging in the ABSplus device. Constantly connected ABSplus devices also conduct automatic, incremental backups on a predetermined schedule.

Bouncing back from disaster is easy too, with capabilities to boot externally in a single keystroke, restore an entire system with one button click, or just drag-and-drop desired files and folders. Booting from the external backup allows users to “run” their system on any Mac OS X machine and quickly restore files or an entire system. To take advantage of this Mac-only feature, simply hold down the Option key while powering-up or restarting the computer. The new 100GB capacity ABSplus portable is list priced at $419 and is available directly from CMS Products at http://www.cmsproducts.com/ , as well as through major distributors and
corporate resellers.


  1. Cool, but how do I back up my nearly 700 gigs of hard drive space I currently have? Huh? I’m gonna have to get an XServe RAID if this keeps up! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  2. First portable backup solution? Hmm, I believe that portable is a matter of perspective. I have a 200GB drive that is really portable. It’s much more portable than the “portable” Kaypro computers that I first learned on back in college! They must have weighed about 50 pounds each. Ahh, those were (not) the good ol’ days.

  3. I don’t subscribe to a press release site. If the Mac news sites didn’t post press releases, I wouldn’t know about them.

    I admit, I would rather have some evaluation of whichever product it is, but sometimes I get that from the postings. Anyway, I’ll settle for the news release.

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