Apple’s iPod mini sells out at Taiwan debut

“Apple Taiwan sales executive Stego Zhang holds a tray of the new mini iPod yesterday in Taipei. The mini music player comes in five colors, has 4 gigabytes of memory and is priced at NT$8,900. All 100 units put on sale yesterday sold out in half an hour. There is no word on when the next shipment will arrive,” Jessie Ho reports for The Taipei Times.

“Music lovers and high-tech geeks yesterday sweated in the scorching sun to snap up their long-awaited iPod minis as Apple Computer Inc offered the first of the tiny music players available in this country — all 100 of them. ‘All 100 units sold out in half an hour,’ an Apple Taiwan public relations official said yesterday. ‘We are planning to ship more to Taiwan, hopefully as soon as possible,'” Ho reports.

Full article here.

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  3. This is rediculous. There are millions of Dell DJ’s available. Why don’t people buy those instead. After all, they are the ‘superior player’ using a ‘superior format’

    BTW, I am a myopic wanker.

  4. Here in the UK – I went to our local Trewins (sells Macs too!) and they had a delivery of 250 ipod minis and they sold out within 4hrs!


    This seems to be the same story everywhere.

    I went the shop yesterday and they are still sold out and while I was looking at the G5s I overheard 2 people asking for a mini too!

    Apple needs to rack up production of these!!!

  5. 100 units for Taiwan? Who screwed up here? No wonder there’s a shortage in the rest of the world — that’s way too many. Now, if we had shipped just 5 units to Upper Volta we would have satisfied 100% of the demand, even if they were bought by the Dell importer there.

    There’s only one thing to do — sacrifice ourselves for the goodwill of the international community. Maximize exports, I say! Yes … no shipments in the US until demand in the rest of the world is satisfied.

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