Maine orders up 6,000 Apple iBooks for public high schools

“Apple Computer Corp. agreed Friday to a revised deal that will place laptop computers in roughly one-third of Maine’s public high schools this fall, Education Commissioner Susan Gendron said. ‘I’m absolutely delighted,’ said Gendron, who had been working with Apple officials to salvage the program after her department failed to sign up enough schools to account for 8,400 laptops,” The Associated Press reports.

AP reports, “Apple agreed to lower its minimum participation level to 6,000 laptops without changing its annual rental price of $300, the same low price it charged for laptops in Maine’s 242 middle schools, she said… About 35 to 40 of the state


  1. I wonder how the students and parents in the other high schools feel. I wonder how they will feel next year or the year after if it turns out that these computers help the kids to get better test scores. That would be something interesting to look at in two years. Some people, especially the educators that chose not to participate, might not be able to stand the answer to that question.

  2. Is Apple making much money though ? I mean, $300 a year…

    Well, if they are basic $1099 iBook configurations, and the laptops were rented for 3 years, they should be covered.

    It’s a great promotional operation too. If teenagers love their Mac experience, they’ll get a Mac when it’s time to buy their own computer.
    Plus, it should open doors to new deals with other states.

    Gaining marketshare !

  3. Agree with iYann:

    Even if apple are making a loss on these laptops (or very little profit), they have potentially picked themselves up 6000 customers for life.

    It is the principle of “get them hooked on your product while they are young” and they will be loyal customers.

    This is why companies like MS (and many others, including apple) will practically give their software away to students for next to nothing.

  4. Geeze, that’s a respectable figure.

    How long will it take before someone makes a study and finds out that the students on Macs ended up brighter than students on other platforms.

  5. actually this rental scheme is brilliant.. because if mac guys are still saying that macs last longer and have a better TCO then Apple WILL make a profit..

    remember way back when HP won a deal for HP desktops PRICED at ~$300?! This is 300 per year!

  6. Isn’t there more to it…
    I think I recall that there is also additional support charges and then all the servers and PowerSchool infrastructure behind it all so Apple makes money in other ways.

  7. It’s a lease. At the end of the lease, they can opt to buy the iBooks or renew the lease or terminate the program (all iBooks return to Apple). So looking at the price ($1099) and the (3x$300) doesn’t cover the whole story, because Apple potentially will get more at the end of the program. Also, Apple must provide tech support, servers and training.

  8. yeah this is great. How can you possible go to windows after using a Mac? When I use my friends windows machines I literally feel like I’m back in the early 90’s. They’re just so clunky.

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