Apple’s Airport Express named Time Magazine’s ‘Gadget of the Week’

“Though the biggest Apple news this week centers around the latest iPod, let’s not forget last month’s Apple wonder, the AirPort Express, which has only just begun shipping. The Express is, like many other products on the market, a networking device that helps you wirelessly deliver music from your Mac or Windows machine to your sound system. Unlike other products, though, it’s very small and simple to use, and can double as a print server and even as a standalone wireless access point, connected directly to your DSL or Cable modem, or your hotel room’s Ethernet port,” Wilson Rothman writes for Time.

“Because Express uses standard networking, and because iTunes is also the best music jukebox for Windows users, even Mac-free homes should look into this. Unlike earlier Mac products, the install disc runs on both Mac and Windows OS,” Rothman writes.

Full article here.


  1. “wow! time mags “gadget ofthe week!” totally impressive!
    who reads time mag?”

    Ever heard of Time’s “Man of the Year”? If not, you must not live in the USA. While I’d agree that a magazine’s (any magazine) opinion is about worth the paper it is written on, it is obvious that Time gets plenty of recognition for its opinions, regardless of readership (although I’d suspect that Time’s is near the top).

  2. 1. AARP Bulletin 21,622,237
    2. AARP The Magazine 21,035,278
    3. Reader’s Digest 11,067,522
    4. TV Guide 9,018,212
    5. Better Homes and Gardens 7,608,913
    6. National Geographic 6,644,167
    7. Good Housekeeping 4,679,941
    8. Family Circle 4,615,536
    9. Woman’s Day 4,166,097
    10. TIME 4,104,284

    When ipod news makes aarp then we will be impressed!

  3. “Jump: you read time? no anybody who does?”

    Not usually, but based on the fact that it usually ranks in the top 10 in the country for sales and circulation, a lot of people obviously do.

    “It is not Man of the Year, it is “Person of the Year””

    It is currently called “Person of the Year”. For most of the years of its existence it was know as “Man of the Year” I asked if he had ever heard of “Man of the Year”.

  4. yea but you must remember that Time ships to tons of other countries too. We get it here in India, so imagine the diversity of the people who read it.

    I personally like High Times =)

    …. but that’s just me

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