Dvorak: Microsoft should shutter the company

“Bill Gates is reported to have told more than a few people, when asked how long he intends to run Microsoft, ‘Until it stops being fun.’ This remark has always baffled me, since it’s never been clear what fun is for Bill Gates


  1. If Microsoft abandoned its users I would not care where they go. These people have prided themselves on adopting anything Microsoft releases and have made us Mac users outcasts to the computer world. Nevermind that if it was not for Apple everything they take for granted would not be there, namely the mouse and the graphical user interface.

  2. Can you imagine the hue and cry from all sorts of corporate entities who don’t know any better?

    “We CAN’T let M$ shut down! We poured too much hard-earned money into using their slipshod, buggy, virus-ridden OS to let them close down on us now! Come on, pass the hat- help keep M$ alive so we don’t have to learn any better ways of doing things or saving money or increasing our profit margins! And what about our wonderful IT departments? What will they do for employment if we have to cut back because our new networks need a fraction of the workers to keep it shipshape? We CAN’T be a party to all that unemployment! Help save M$!!”

    Not to mention all the M$ apologist “analysts” – what would they do to make their bread and butter if they didn’t have M$ to shill for?

  3. i honestly don’t know if this is fun for bill.. but when a challenge presents itself.. like the music downloads arena.. or the xbox.. or.. gee.. the commercialization of the internet… that’s what’s fun

  4. For OUR sake, Microsoft needs to stay open. If they closed down, then all of those idiot, whining, bastards would migrate over to Macs, and then our help forums will be clogged with those idiots asking questions like, “I can’t find where the floppy goes on my new Mac.”

    Let ’em stay with Microsoft; birds of a feather, you know.

  5. Does anyone ever get the feeling that Microsoft perpetuates some of their own problems just so other companies can make big bucks off the virus-protection/upgrading and other BS crap that comes from Microsoft.

    This is akin to the idea that it’s in a doctors best interest NOT TO CURE YOU. That’s what I think of Microsoft. They are just there to make the problem worse and trouble consumers more just so that you’ll buy more product or upgrade more often.

  6. We need to have microsoft in the world as well as Macs. Other wise it would be like Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader, Heaven without Hell, Ying without Yang, light without dark, anybody without George W. Bush. Having Microsoft in the world makes me happy to be on a Mac.

  7. Where’s the Russian government when you need them to crack down on a giant misbehaving corporation?

    Seems our lost it’s fckng balls after breaking up MaBell.

  8. Who does politics always have to find it’s way on here.. Not everyone thinks that George W Bush is evil, and the fact that you do says a *lot* about you…

  9. twilightmoon, get a grip its a joke. Why are people so sensitive about GWB it seems Americans have lost their sense of humour. But then they never got the art of laughing at themselves except maybe with the Simpsons, but then they don’t see themselves in that cartoon.
    It says a *lot* about you (sooooo serious).

  10. Thanks Sara,
    You’re right I did get my knickers in a twist a little too much over that one.. I just get real tired over people taking political cheap shots when we’re talking about computers.. Let’s all just agree to hate Microsoft and be friends.. k?
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