Report says cause of new iMac delay is G5 heat in new form factor issue

“Heat related issues are said to be at the root of Apple’s latest iMac blunder, which has left the computer maker without a consumer desktop offering for the busy back-to-school shopping season,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s consumer desktop eMac (if supplies haven’t run out) must be having quite an identity crisis about now.

“Earlier this month, Apple’s Public Relations department performed a most unorthodox act when it quietly announced to the Mac faithful that the company had run out of its current iMac G4 computers and new models would not be available for another two months,” Jade reports. “Reliable information suggests that Apple had initially intended to launch an all-new iMac product-line early this Summer, which sources confirmed would include a low-end PowerPC G5 processor and a completely remodeled appearance. What exactly caused the unfortunate iMac delay, Apple may never say. However, well placed sources tell AppleInsider that a heat issue affecting the new iMac enclosure is to blame.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Aye Captain, ’tis the heat dissipation as most of ye have already guessed! If true, don’t hold your breath for PowerBook G5s anytime soon.


  1. Ya know, I might consider a “too hot” G5 iMac a real <<good>> thing – especially if I decided to move to Alaska for the winter … or go on an expedition to the South Pole. Talk about portable heat source! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Now I’m quite curious about the new form factor. Bet it will have some sort of related metallic grill like the current G5 towers.

  2. Great article! What do u mean don’t hold your breath for PB G5’s anytime soon? R u crazy. What do u think the G5 imac is. PB G5. I can’t wait for them. I’m guessing there will be a 17″ and 20″ it will be a 1.6 Ghz G5(imagine 2ghz) the 17″ will b 1699 maybe 1599. Hopefully a model will cost 1499. It’s gonna look high like the displays. It will have a wireless keyboard and mouse. Great. Steve Jobs is going to blow everyone away. That’s great that he called the winner.

  3. I think that 1.6 GHz is a very conservative estimate. The current generation of G5 CPUs are 1.8, 2.0 and 2.5 GHz. If Apple were to utilise a single G5 processor for the next iMac then it could use either of the first two and still distinguish between the consumer and proffesional products; the PowerMacs are, after all, dual CPU computers. At present 2.5 GHz would not be an option due to the liquid cooling it requires.

    The form factor of this rumoured iMac sounds very ambitious. If everything is mounted behind the LCD screen then it would certainly be a very compact design, even more so than the current iMacs.

    Would a new keyboard be too much to hope for?

  4. rob u r on crack. Y would there b a 23″? This is a consumer line. Intended(and I stress try to be intended) to b cheap. Even 20″ is like alright. How much would a 20″ one cost?

  5. I told you!!

    The G5 chip’s heat was causing problems, but that’s not the whole story.

    It LEAKS

    Powerbook G5’s will be liquid cooled as well. But your going to have to wait for that for next year.

    By the way I have seen the tech drawings for the new iMac, I can’t visualize what it will be like in 3D, but it’s a WOW factor.

    Even more will be the pricing, so I hear.

    Well back to emptying trash cans… Oh hum,

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