Apple’s iTunes Music Store sells 100 millionth song

On July 1, 2004, Apple announced the sale of 95 million songs via their iTunes Music Store and began counting up to 100 million songs sold by giving away 50 special 20GB iPods – one to the purchaser of each 100,000th song downloaded between 95 million and 100 million songs.

Today, Apple sold its 100 millionth song at approximately 1:24 am EDT, according to the company’s count of songs sold on the iTunes Music Store on

“As we cross this historic milestone, we want to thank our customers, the artists and the music labels who have embraced our dream for iTunes,” said Steve Jobs, Apple


  1. Alright already – who won???

    I hit the “Buy” button on my meager purchase of 12 songs when the counter on said 99,992,422 at about 12:22 AM (Central), so maybe I got pretty close! Hopefully close enough?

    So, how many of the rest of you were right there with me?

  2. Twelve days and 6000 000 downloads makes round 500 000 per day that is nice. I wonder how soon it reaches 1000 000 per day.
    Well done!

  3. That is 100 million songs that MusicMatch, Napster and all the other WMA-is-the-better-format music stores did NOT sell. The spin-doctors will report this milestone as being late but considering where the online music industry was two years ago I would say that Apple did very well in a short time.

  4. It wadn’t me for sure. Funny what all those zeroes do to a one…. How far we gotta go for the 100-millionth Mac?

    I’ll give two PBs and a 325i to anyone who can put a zero on the right side of my bank balance.

  5. “I’ll give two PBs and a 325i to anyone who can put a zero on the right side of my bank balance. Integers only accepted”

    I’d need to know what your bank balance is, but sure.

    Let’s see, two PowerBook and a 325i come to 1099+1099+28,795 = 30,993. I give you between one and nine dollars, depending on what your bank balance is, in order to get a zero on the right side of your bank balance.

    Where do I sign up? :^)

  6. Kevin Britten of Hays Ellis, Kansas downloaded Somersault (Dangermouse remix) by Zero7

    Wonder how much his iPod with 100,000,000 etched in the back would be worth in eBay… 1,000 Dellahs?

  7. Dang — I couldn’t figure out how to phrase it. Let’s see, retrieve the two PBs from the trash; get a 325i from the two-dollar shop … it’ll cost me at least three bucks!

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