Apple to broadcast audio webcast of Q3 04 Quarterly Earnings Call on Wednesday



  1. Listen for decent, if not outstanding, results for the 3rd Qtr in line with the usual conservative estimates given. However, the 4th Qtr projections will be much lower then anticipated. Apple stock will fall below $30 per share next week I’m afraid.

  2. Seahwak,
    Stock is really over valued. The most any analyst has predicted (and take that with a large grain of Kosher Salt!) is $37 by the end of the year. I doubt it unless the upcoming iMac is spectacular, the HPod sales are there and mini’s actually are available in sufficent quantities. It also wouldn’t hurt if regular iPods come down in price, say 20 GB for $199, 40 GB for $299 and 60 GB for $399. Only time will tell!

  3. pkradd – nice idea, but we’re not likely ever to see the iPod prices dip below those of the miniPod – and since many were very disappointed when the initial pricepoint for the miniPod wasn’t $199, now might their opportunity to do just that, and if the 20Gb iPod were dropped to $249 or $279, the 40 and 60 could stay where they are and continue to provide the profit margins they’ve been enjoying thus far. At least that’s my take – and I’d certainly look closer at getting a miniPod!

  4. iTMS probably is pulling in a bit for Apple too. Yeah, I know they don’t make much, but in a few hours, they will have distributed their 100,000,000th song. Even if making pennies on each song, this will pull in some change.

  5. “[…] but in a few hours, they will have distributed their 100,000,000th song.”

    Yeah, what the hell happened? I’d swear it was in the low-97s when I left work on Friday. Today, I saw the odd “97,000,000+” on their website. The next time I looked, it said 99 million.

    Unfortunately, my shopping cart is empty.

  6. Hopefully we will get an update on the iMac situation from this broadcast. I do not think that the lack of iMac stock has affected Q4 earnings badly enough to spoil this quarter for Apple; it has propably led to more eMac and iBook sales. The other lines seem successful enough and iMacs were not selling well in 2004 so, no big loss.

  7. pkradd; you buy at less than 30$ and by end of year is ~$37. Would you call that a bad investment for a 6-months ~20% return?

    Man, give me your good investments tips then: I want at least 50% return in 6-months, please. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  8. There’s no guarantee that Apple stock will hit $37 per share at the end of the year. Only one analyst has suggested this. Yes, it would be a good investment to buy below $30 and have it at $37 in six months. Everything really depends on what Apple unveils in the next month on the CPU front. It’s all a crap shoot.

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