Windows Lovegate worm variant renders computers useless; Macintosh unaffected

The most-recent variant of the Windows “Lovegate” worm searches for .exe files (executables or applications) and renames them. First surfacing in February 2003, the newest “Lovegate” worms are the result of a long line of mutations. The most recent versions, discovered Sunday, are called Lovegate.AE and Lovegate.AH.

Because it replaces .exe files on the local hard drive with further copies of itself. This process leaves an infected computer unable to run any applications.

Read more at CNET in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: For Windows-only users, information on how to smoothly add a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal is here. Do it and you’ll never look back.


  1. Oh and here the Mac lovers attacking PCs because we get viruses. People listen. Macs aren’t coded so well that they can’t get viruses. iPhones get viruses and very firmware of the iphone that came out has had a jailbreak avaliable for it within days or weeks of its release. So that right there proves that Macs aren’t inpervious to compromise or exploitation by skilled hackers. The bottom line is that PCs make up 90% of the market WORLDWIDE. Simply put nobody cares enough to hack a mac. Most mac users are college kids…does a hacker really want to steal some kids midterm paper? Get real. Macs only make up 10% of the computers on the earth and probably less when you take into account people who use linux. It only stands to reason that you are goin to attack the bigger target. If more people used Macs they’d get attacked more often. Common sense people.

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