‘Nine Figures’ displays iTunes songs sold tally in Mac OS X menubar

Wonder Warp Software Group has today announced the release of Nine Figures, a simple application (36k) which displays, in the menu bar, a constantly updated figure of the number of tracks sold on Apple’s iTunes Music Store. In addition to this, it displays the top ten most sold tracks on the store. More information and download link at http://www.wonderwarp.com/ninefigures

The program, written by Steve Streza, may offer assistance to those set on winning Apple’s much coveted prize awarded to the buyer of the 100-millionth song. “Just promise you’ll let us use that PowerBook too,” jokes the group’s website.

Wonder Warp Software Group is a small group of teenagers who develop Macintosh applications and internet solutions.


  1. Excellent! Keeping an eye on that will give me a chance to hop in at just the right time and be the the 100,000,000th customer, thus claiming my Big Prize! Assuming thousands of other people don’t have the same idea theat is…

    Oh wait – I’m in the UK. Damn.

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