Apple posts iPod, iPod mini battery life information webpage

Apple has created an iPod + iPod mini Lithium-ion battery page that explains how to take care of your batteries and maximize their life and performance. Apple has also posted a page for maximizing the lifespan and battery life of your iBook or PowerBook.

Paying attention to just a few common sense pointers will pay off with a longer battery lifespan and battery life for your iPod. The most important thing is to keep your iPod out of the sun or a hot car (even the glove box). Heat will degrade your battery


  1. “…that explains how to take car of your batteries and maximize…”

    Oops. Missed an “e” on the end of car.

    I like when a vendor gives its customers “common sense” pointers. To me that is a nice way of calling the customer stupid.

  2. I already do what they recommend on the website. And, of course, I have no problems with my iPod’s battery life. I have a first generation iPod (purchased used, on top of that). And I can easily get 8 hours of play time. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> I think what really helps is completely draining the battery whenever possible before recharging.

  3. “”keep your iPod out of the sun or a hot car (even the glove box)”
    where does it go in your BMW”

    I think that’s relating to leaving it in your car while you shop at the mall, rather than while you’re just driving around town.

  4. Mac Beth, you make an important point, which Apple missed, and that is that these are *not* nicad batteries. Lithium cells have no memory, so they do not need to be discharged all the way so that they will charge up all the way. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Charging early and often maximizes life. Don’t worry about full discharges – when it happens, it happens, but if you can, charge.


  5. This should be a user-changeable battery, like on every other consumer device on planet earth. This is expensive and cumbersome to send this back to Apple. You dont even get your same iPod back.

    It doesn’t take a minutes more of planning to get this user changeable. Apple dropped the ball on this, or they are using it as a dumb way to make a few extra bucks off iPod customers.

  6. BMW’s have air-conditioned glove boxes. My VW Passat also has air in there as well. Common sense for any electronic gizmo is: no extremes of hot or cold. I agree that Apple should have user-replaceable batteries for the Pods. But they don’t at the moment so take heed. You can now have your battery replaced from various sources at a reasonable (ok, near reasonable) cost.

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