iTunes Music Store counts down to 100 million songs with iPod, iTunes & PowerBook giveaways

As the number of songs downloaded from Apple


  1. I wonder if you tilt your screen at a certain angle that will increase the chances of winning? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Someone needs to edit the text on the site. I believe it means for each batch of 100,000s til the 100 million song, the person who purchases song number 100,000 would win an iPod. But the kicker in terms of site info is the bottom which reads no purchase necessary. Ha. How can you be the 100,000th purchaser or the person who purchase the 100 million song without making a purchase. That said, I’m going to start spreading my purchases out. Baby wants a new PowerBook.

  3. Damn, they’ve sold over 103,000 songs since 9am ET this morning! Pretty good for just over 4 hours time. At this rate, the 100 Millionth song will be purchased on the afternoon of July 10th.

  4. Does anyone know what number the countdown started at?? The lowest figure I heard was 94,767,325, but that was posted hours after the announcement. I’m just trying to see if they actually sold about 1 million songs yesterday.

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