Dell offers $100 rebate for Dell DJ buyers who send in Apple iPods ‘for recycling’

“Computer maker Dell Inc. offered a limited time $100 rebate to Digital Jukebox music player purchasers who send in an Apple Computer Inc. iPod music player for recycling, the company said Wednesday. Dell’s 15-Gigabyte Digital Jukebox players retail for $199 and have a 20-hour battery, Dell said,” Associated Press reports. “The company did not say when the rebate offer would expire.”

From the Dell website:

Is your iPod battery starting to fade? Before you pay for a replacement battery for your same old device, consider upgrading to a brand new Dell 15GB1 DJ with MORE THAN DOUBLE the battery life (as of 06/30/04; check websites for current information) for just $99 after $100 mail-in rebate ($199 before rebate). Simply purchase a Dell DJ 15GB for only $199, send in your old iPod for recycling and we


  1. Has anyone used one of these? Do they get ‘double the battery life’? If so, how do they do it?

    What battery technology are they using? Why doesn’t Apple use it?

  2. ….then I woke up….from Dell La La Land…
    ….sarcasm….please take my iPod, my soul for a DJ with no store worth the spit….

    Note to Dell:
    Please follow HP’s lead and follow Apple.


    Dell never ceases to amaze me. Who in his/her right mind would trade in their sleek iPod for a clunky POS Dell DJ. I have used both and it is no comparison. Dell could offer me five DJs for free for my iPod and I would not bite.

    Jump, that was a wonderful analogy.

  4. They are double the battery life(supposedly) because they are double the size.

    Oh, and they’re crap.

    Oh, and I am typing this on a Dell box right now and it looks like crap.

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