Apple iPod ‘Silhouette’ ad campaign takes Grand Kelly Award

“The Magazine Publishers of America awarded TBWAChiatDay the $100,000 Grand Prize Kelly Award for its Apple iPod ‘Silhouette’ campaign that shows people dancing with iPods against brightly colored backgrounds,” Mae Anderson reports for Adweek.

“‘It demonstrated to people that you don’t have to spend a lot of time talking about features to get people to make a human connection with your product,’ said Mike Hughes, president of The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., and a Kelly judge. ‘Also, one of the core values for Apple is design. To reinforce that without ever talking about it, just by art direction, is an incredibly smart and effective device,'” Anderson reports.

Full article here.


  1. Solid
    I don’t think its a matter of owning a computer because it is “cool.” I think it more of owning a computer because it does what it is supposed to do. Apple has that covered. Oh yeah, and they kick ass and look cool.

  2. >The Magazine Publishers of America awarded….

    Not strictly a platform-neutral group, are they. On the other hand…

    >The Kelly Awards are given to magazine campaigns that demonstrate creativity and effectiveness.

    Can’t argue with that.

  3. Thanks! already got it. I did make the first add match the full length song, and play full screen using a plug-in that would play movies as screensavers, but it was too big.

  4. Ah Yes, Chiat/Day, the ad agency that in the early 80’s was responsible for the infamous rocks/trees commercial for the Infiniti Q45, a great car that is every bit the equal of any Lexus.

    For those of you who do not remember, the tv ad showed pictures of rocks and trees, etc, AND NEVER SHOWED THE CAR.

    At the time, I worked for Nissan Motor Corporation, the parent company of Infiniti. When we saw the ad, we cringed, threw up and hands and cried out: WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING!

    And Infiniti never became what they could have been, because the only image that the public had of them was “cool”, meaning vague and unfocused. Few knew what Infiniti was, and still don’t.

    Infiniti is still selling cars after 20 years because they make a great product, but at nowhere near the numbers of Lexus. Everyone understands the Lexus image because their ads FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT!

    (makes you wonder if the effects of a bad ad campaign last longer than a good one)

    I could be wrong, but I think I remember that Chiat/Day got an award for that one too.

    I don’t deny that the ad campaign MAY be working for the Ipod. (Wonder if being a great product might have something to do with it? Nah, couldnt be, that is too simple)

    I just hope that the ad campaign is not painting an inaccurate picture of Apple and what it does. When Chiat/Day is involved, you always have to wonder. There is precedent, and the vague inaccurate picture that the public has of Apple and the Mac is eerily similar to that of Infiniti.

    Oh wait, I forgot, they got an award from within their own industry!!
    Forgive me!

    But, ad people love(and live for the opportunity) to reinvent the wheel. And when you reinvent the wheel, your shape options for the wheel are some variation of the oval, the triangle, the square, etc.

    Those shapes don’t roll worth a damn. But that’s ok, we can overcome it with a creative ad campaign!

    We have a great round wheel that rolls smoothly in the Mac, and that is what got us here. Advertise that!

    IPod is great, but my work schedule that is on my Mac, and is produced by my Mac, does not have time for it. There are a lot of us out there, and I don’t think iPod sales can carry Apple. The Mac can!

    (i might have misspelled Ipod, or iPod or ipod, or whatever) sorry.

  5. Its our JOB as advertisers to reinvent the wheel. Otherwise every add would have a car speeding down the road, what does that say? It drives? Everycar drives. its not even the real car anymore just CG.

    And just being a great product doesnt always sell people (ie Macs) with certain items you need more, an image. Thats what the iPod Ads are about. cool and hip. make people take a look at your product and your 50% closer to selling it. The job of the advertiser varies by product/service, in this case the ads do what they are suppose to, in the case of Rock and Trees, it may not have. Anyway, if the company didnt like it, Why did they accept it? Clients can say “No” you know

  6. Solid,

    In geek circles, I believe it is now much more than before acceptable to own a Mac. In fact if I was to be honest, just a few short years ago I looked down on Mac users. Now look where I am.

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