UK advertising watchdog: Apple Power Mac G5 can’t claim ‘world’s fastest personal computer’

“A complaint against Apple’s claim that its Power Mac G5 was the ‘world’s fastest personal computer’ has been upheld by the UK’s advertising watchdog. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the G5 was not the fastest computer ‘in all circumstances for all applications.’ Two other complaints about the G5 ad were rejected. The ruling comes as Apple rolled out a new range of G5 computers,” BBC News reports.

“The ASA said the complaints against the G5 magazine ad came from members of the public in Middlesex and Monmouthshire. There were three objections to the ad; that the machine was ‘the world’s fastest personal computer’ [which was upheld], that it was ‘the first with a 64-bit processor’ [rejected] and that ‘the systems built around the G5 can shatter the 4-gigabyte memory ceiling that limits every other PC on earth’ [rejected],” BBC News reports.

“[The ASA] said that Apple was justified in saying that the G5 had the world’s first 64-bit processor for personal computers… [and] also accepted Apple’s argument that the G5 was the only personal computer that could handle more than 4GB of main memory,” BBC News reports.

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  1. Two out of three ain’t bad. And now that the dual-2.5GHz machines have been introduced, the third complaint will fall by the wayside, too.

    “…members of the public…” eh? That’s dubious.

  2. It’s funny that they draw a line between workstations and Personal computers, when a “workstation” Opteron can be had for less money than a “personal computer” G5.
    There are a few computers that come to mind that can also address more than 4 GB of Memory (AMD-64, anyone?).
    If there’s anything as bad as politicians, it’s marketing departments.

  3. Are there any watchdog groups out there that will tackle Microsoft whwnever it makes positive claims about Windows stability or security? Apple gets a LOT of attention for supposedly being a bit player in the industry. Microsoft pundits constantly remind us about Apple’s pithy 3% market share, but practically fall down the stairs to tell the world when an OS X “proof of concept” virus or bad ad pop up.

  4. Shabanz: these claims were mad BEFORE the AMD 64 was on the market, thats why the advertising was upheald as well as a real destinction between a workstation and a Personal Computer. Operon are not meant to be baought by an adverage consumer, as they cannot run adverage consumer software, whereas the G5 is and does, giving it workstation power but Personal Computer availability. Apple could have avoided all this with 2 words “One of” but they wanted to cause a stir and had a machine that could back up the Ads. Being fastest in “All application at all times” is really an impossibility in the market (see AMD vs Intel banchmarking)

  5. if it isn’t, then what computer is faster than the G5, show it to us , prove it.
    I bet anyone at the UK advertising watchdog, has ever used a G5 or a mac, and thinks that a 3.4 ghz pentium is faster than a -2 ghz G5-.
    I want to know how fast a dual xeon workstaton is when you have all the virus and the spyware that practically comes bundled with windows , idiots!.

  6. I would like to press a suit against Qwest and their lame “Spirit of Service” ads. For those of you who have Qwest as their phone carrier, you know what I’m talking about. This old couple is sitting at the dinner table and they get a phone call in the middle of eating, and they actually become overjoyed when they discover it’s a Qwest telemarketer! WTF?!?! Qwest service is so bad they actually have to make these weird fantasy alternate reality commercials to make their employees feel wanted. Where’s the UK Watchdog group for that little pearl of TV nausea?

  7. I’d also like the UK to check out the TV ad where a woman clogs a hole in her boat with a Tampax. Where were the benchmark tests for that?! There’s some seriously nasty and stupid ads out there for all kinds of things– hard to see why Apple’s ads are getting so many people so riled.

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