Architects eye Apple new 64-bit Power Mac G5 lineup with renewed interest

“Apple’s announcement of all new dual processor Power Mac G5 workstations have really gotten many architects excited about their technology again. At the center of this excitement is a convergence of interests and patterns of change in the architectural industry that fit well with Apple’s new Power Macs. The profession as a whole is seriously entering into its second great technology transformation with the growing adoption of BIM (building information modeling) over CADD (computer-aided drafting and design). While this transformation from CAD to BIM will likely take about a decade


  1. Architecture is cool, and my dell inspireon and microsoft applications inspire me to work better because dell and microsoft put so much inspiration into their products. I work with my dell dj, playing walmart wma’s at full tilt, because it really gets me going and fills me with inspiration, inspiration, inspiration.

  2. I’ve been running every aspect of my architectural practice on a 1.6ghz G5 since they came out last year. I can’t do anything intense enough to make the machine even get warm, much less run out of speed. I would imagine that the new lineup will do just about anything you can throw at them. A perfect computer if ever there was one… Oh yeah, my G3 900mhz iBook handles all the stuff I do just fine also. So all the speed junkies need to calm down. You’d think that Apple not delivering on the dual 3ghz promise was the end of the world, to read some stories and posts on here. Everyone needs to calm down. How many of us were gonna trash our current G5’s for another 1ghz anyway??? I’d be pretty happy to pick up the dual 1.8, which is the same price I paid for my 1.6 a mere nine months ago.

  3. My dream: Always rendered, 3D, rotating/walk thru model w/ sun + moon + additional light sources w/ materials/textures applied w/ seasonal & age sensitive landscaping on a 30″ flat screen while I create & modify same model on second 30″ flat screen in 2D and/or 3D. Not there yet.

  4. I don’t think it’s just the lack of 3 GHz, I think the completely unmodified case, with the very limited space for drive bay expansion (1 optical, only 2 HDDs) that have some people less than impressed with the new designs..

    Well not impressed because they really aren’t new. They are old designs with new processors slapped into them. Only the bus speed on the high end one, plus the RAM chip speed is new. While IBM hasn’t been able to supply 3 GHz processors, they had no influence over the lack of new case features. Heck, the G4 was a smaller case and it had a lot more room for internal expansion.

  5. twilightmoon,

    You don’t know much do you? You can put as many as five hard drives in a G5 with an adapter kit. And everything about the architecture of the G5 is new. Your characterization of it only have a few updates is completely clueless. You need to stop reading only Paul Thurrott’s junk and read some facts for a change. Ever hear of hypertransport? PCI-X? USB 2? Firewire 800? SATA?

    Get a life, troll.

  6. Steve Jobs,
    The guy wasn’t a troll. There is nothing new about the “new” PowerMacs. One new model. But I’ve had time to think about it. This is the speed bump we were supposed to get last winter. They probably weren’t designing new PowerMacs for this year. I don’t expect to see new ones until January at the earliest. Possibly not until we see the 980 chips debut and then it might be called a G6.

    I’m not too disappointed in the updates. In fact, I’m ordering a dual G5 2.0ghz today.

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