Detailed photos, specs for Apple’s AirPort Express posted

“The Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes will be available starting in July.


  1. Have Apple said if this will be US only at launch, or worldwide? I only ask as I’m changing my DSL line for cable, so my DSL Router/Wi-Fi device is soon to be redundant, and I need a new one with an Ethernet WAN port.

    I’m in Europe BTW.

  2. I dunno. It’s cheaper for a start, and probably doesn’t radiate as much. I only need wireless internet for about a 20-foot radius and not more than 3 machines. I’ll connect my printers there via USB cable and possibly a stereo to the audio out. I suppose everyone’s needs are different. For hooking your laptop to a hotel’s broadband outlet this is a more portable solution. For playing iTunes on some distant device this is great.

  3. Sophomore, for christ’s sake read the article!

    1) Its portable. Easy to made a local conntection to the internet wireless (what are you gonna do, take an Airport Extreme in your luggage and the power brick?)

    2) Its supposed to appeal to folks who want to stream their music to their high quality speakers already in their home. Thats why it has a built in audio out port (Airport Extreme does no have an audio out port)

    3) It cheaper than an Airport Extreme, but still lets you do almost everything it does (no internal phone modem, but supports wireless USB printing, and will accept multiple users, but not as many as Airport Extreme).

    4) Young beautiful sexually attractive teen age babes like to sleep with guys who buy this version of Airport. Need I say more!

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