Apple Safari browser shows increase in global usage share today reported “that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has a total global usage share of 93.9 percent. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still dominates the global browser market. Microsoft’s IE 6 is currently the leading browser on the web. Microsoft’s IE 6 global usage has increased with 1.2 percent from 68.1 percent to 69.3 percent since July 2003.


  1. Uh, okay, so a very small percentage of visitors to “sites that are using one of’s services” are running Safari. Is that supposed to be interesting? What particular services are we talking about?

  2. some websites i have visited are still not safari friendly. but i think its a small price to pay for the speed and all the great functions of safari we so much enjoyed..

  3. too bad about the ms ie percentage.. i design websites and i spend about 1 hr making the design and about 3 more trying to make it work with internet exploiter. too bad.

  4. I have a website showing my photography and the TV commercials I worked on.

    I get about 1000 hits a month, from all over the world, and 32% are from computers running Safari as the browser.


  5. For the life of me I can’t figure out why people use IE. Of the 5 or 6 different browsers I’ve used I’d consider it to be at the bottom. But then again, I can’t figure out why people use PC’s either.

  6. OR…. put another way…. User Visits with Apple’s Safari Brower increase almost 50% in 5 Months!

    In what appears to be a significant trend, OneStat announced today that in just the past 5 months, hits by Apple’s Safari browser had increased almost 50%.

    Speaking for Apple, Mr. Jonis Glick commented that this trend is a reflection of a general increase in Mac users as more people and businesses abandon the unstable and cantankerous Windows platforms.

    “The Mac’s operating system is based upon the long proven, stable and secure UNIX operating system” said Mr. Glick. “The Mac’s ease of use, stability and lower overall cost of ownership has always been the norm. Now that people and businesses have discovered that the ease of data sharing and integration with other, less capable operating systems, Apple’s user base is skyrocketing. This is just one more indication” according to Mr. Glick.

    MicroSoft refused to comment upon Apple’s phenominal growth rate. Company spokesman Albert Allioucious Ankner replied, “We don’t have to answer any questions. We are MicroSoft. Now get out of the building or I’ll call security.”

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