Microsoft website hacked, defaced by ‘Outlaw Group’

“It seems like it has been a while since we were witnessing major hacks on corporate websites, but an entity calling themselves the ‘Outlaw Group’ has successfully defaced a Microsoft site. The MS Press site for the UK has been pulled for now, but so-called crackers managed to get access to the site and modify text on the page. The changes made were minimal, including three repetitions of ‘Owned by Outlaw Group,’ and a title of ‘Owned Outlaw Group by Pharoeste e WolfBlack.’ The majority of the page was not modified, but the breach is clearly an embarrassment to the company. No word from Microsoft on the matter, yet,” Ken ‘Caesar’ Fisher reports for Ars Technica.

Full article and links to screen shots of the defaced page here.


  1. Dave H


    Whenever I am having trouble evangelizing (you know, Macs are toys, there is no software, schools should get rid of them and use what the real world uses, I can do all the graphics on my PC, they cost too much, etc.), I ask how they like doing business with convicted criminals. This usually elicits a double take, a couple of mouth flaps, and then silence.

    Sometimes the last word is the best you can do.


  2. Ok, we all know how shitty MIcroScheisse is, think about how liable they would be if they were a car company! They’d already be out of business! Boy, people are stupid.

  3. If W2k/IIs 6 is crap why does the “real IT world” use it.

    The wonderful tools ASP and the new .NET framework allow creation of the most progressive web sites available today! Try creating the functionality of a cutting edge Windows server site on any other platform.

    As for security it is great, I am sure that a password was given to these thugs.

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