Woz visits Pennsylvania elementary school to cap 19-year friendship with school’s librarian

“After exchanging pleasantries and Christmas cards with Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak for almost 20 years, Edgeworth Elementary School librarian Milana ‘Mim’ Bizic had to threaten to retire to get him to visit the school. ‘I said ‘Steve, you always said you wanted to come to Edgeworth. Well, I’m retiring this year, so you’d better do it fast.’ And here he is,’ said Bizic,” Amanda Michaels reports for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “And just how did the 62-year-old woman, dedicated to education for 41 years, come to be on a first-name basis with the California mogul who designed the first personal computer?”

“‘[I met Wozniak] at an awards presentation in 1985 [hosted by Apple Computer Clubs International], and I had this huge display of word processing, database and spreadsheet projects that the students did on the Apple II’s,’ said Bizic. ‘He was impressed, and told me he always wanted to inspire kids like that, and that he wanted to send his son Jesse to Edgeworth,’ which is part of the Quaker Valley School District,” Michaels reports. “The unlikely friendship progressed from there.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Woz is one helluva good guy.


  1. slow news day,

    You Bozo, could you possibly be more ignorant if you tried really hard?

    I don’t think so.

    Who do you think Steve is? Some obsequious lakey of Paul Thurrott?


  2. Woz, the developer of the implantable, gubmint-controlled, don’t-leave-home-without-it, we-know-where-you-is, insta-check chip.

    (Sigh) Don’t you remember the good ol’ days when phone tapping was the standard?

  3. Woz is the ultimate pioneer of the whole computer industry.
    Woz is the real genius behind the Personal Computer=Macintosh.
    Woz is The Woz!
    Jobs is the marketing man and also a great visioneer.
    Mike (Markkula) was the money man. (Origins from Finland)
    Steve+Steve+Mike+Co=Apple Computer Incorporated
    Woz is still my favorite guy. the other Steve and Mike are third. Ive and Avie are sexy and brilliant so they come fifth. Rest of the people are on the 6th place.

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