Steve Jobs and Apple Macintosh deliver the digital dream

“The original dream of using digital technology to change the way we live our lives is being fulfilled not by Microsoft and Bill Gates but by… Steve Jobs. He has revolutionized the film industry with Pixar. He is the prime mover in the transformation of the music industry. The most successful portable music player by far was his idea. The iLife software suite is an amazing set of integrated applications for controlling music, arranging and storing photos, capturing and editing videos, making movies. GarageBand, Apple’s newest software for recording, editing, and arranging music, is drawing a fresh new generation to Apple. Steve Jobs is ‘The Digitizer,'” George F. Colony writes for Forrester Research.

“And he has recycled strategy to get there. In the 1990s Macintosh suffered from a dearth of software. Apple had to cajole, push, and plead with software makers to support the Mac. Few did, and the Mac withered,” Colony writes. “When Jobs arrived back at Apple, he said, ‘Screw the software business


  1. because its about Apple you moron. this site is the worst amongst mac sites when it comes to little girly crybabies that whine about every article that they don’t want to read.

  2. “It’s not open, and it’s not industry standard or industry-certified. It’s just better.”

    What’s he talking about? Apple integrates industry standards throughout their hardware and software product lines nowadays. Microsoft is the proprietary king. Well, at least he got the better part right.

  3. It’s news because it’s the truth and not enough people know the truth. It’s well written and succintly put as well. Not something seen enough in today’s media, concise truthfulness. Now there is a twist.

    Congratulations on being the first post. Something for the resume, eh?
    If you can do it more than 3 times in a row you’ll have a real talent. Not to mention the wonderful contribution you make for stimulating discussion.

  4. One guy, you’re all warm and fuzzy aren’t you? Calling people morons…why, you’re momma ought to wash your mouth out with soap. Oh, I forgot, you Bronx bombers don’t use soap!

  5. Back on the subject, Colony has got it right when he talks about Steve, the guy just knows how to create cool products, be it hardware or software. Look at Pixar – Toy Story still makes me laugh. My iBook (which I am typing this on) is connected to a 600k Broadband connection with AirPort. My friends don’t believe it’s possible, but it is cause Apple make all their products to such a high standard.

    I was in my girlfriends house last night and was about to plug my iBook into the phone line for a 56k connection when AirPort ‘found’ a linksys network and I was surfing at lightening speed. Next door must have Wi-Fi and my iBook found it, connected and let me surf.

    The Mac – it just works.

  6. More and more have realised that innovation is not a Microsoft virtue.
    In many ways, those who hate apple should thank Jobs creative vision for the many features used now in the �widowz� world.

  7. True, this is not news to most of us but it again points out that Apple has a story to tell where the current Mac and OS are concerned and they are not bothering to tell the world about it! Surely there is enough there to be able to design an effective advertising story!!!

  8. And Solid is bang on with the criticism of the statement about standards. Apple software is largely standards based. From VCARDS in Address Book to XML in Final Cut.

  9. First we have One guy from Finland, now we have One guy from the Bronx. Can I call myself One guy from Sacramento?

    Come on people! Be original! Maybe it’s come to a point we should have logins now on this site…..people pretending to be others, someone could pretend to be me! Oh wells…

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