Report: New Apple PowerBooks, iBooks next week

According to MacNN, Apple is expected to introduce new PowerBooks and iBooks early next week.

Apple will introduce revised 12-inch PowerBooks (two models), two revised 15-inch PowerBooks, one new model of the 12″ iBook, two new models of the 14″ iBook, and a single high-end 17″ PowerBook configuration… each model will feature speed-bumped G4 processors, while some models will feature larger drives and upgraded graphics cards.

The laptops are expected to be available early next week in limited quantities.

Full article here.


  1. Sorry, nsapap, won’t happen. Nope. Can’t happen – they’re too afraid not to. They’ll just find something else to point at – and it’ll probably be something as brilliant as “HEY LOOK! Apple didn’t release any software patches like the HUNDREDS the pc makers did last quarter. They’re going down the TUBES.”

  2. Speed bumps are always good but it doesn’t sound like these ones are gonna be anything special – just small G4 increments. Nothing that would want to make you trade up your existing book.

  3. Unfortunately for Apple they make their products so well they can be used a looonnngggg time. I am on a 667 15″ Tibook and although I will lust after the new powerbooks that they come out with, I will probably not buy a new computer until they get a G5 Powerbook out. Come on Apple, hurry up please! I really want to give you my money.

  4. lol Jack A: same here. Waiting for the G5 PB. Apple makes really too good computers to hope to dent seriously the global market share: 667 15″ here as well and works as day one. Just perfect.

    But they do not care much because they have 100% of Apple market share and their financial health shows it.

  5. Red Wings:

    As a veteran whose time in the industry started in 1984 with the minicomputer era, I always smile when I read comments like yours,

    The first RAM upgrade I ever did was for the Data General Nova 4/X (128K to 256K); this meant pulling the 128K board (!) and replacing it with a similar 14″ square. The cost was [B]�3500.00[/B], and that was second-hand from a hardware broker.

    A couple of years later, Data General’s first big Winchester disk came out: about the size of washing machine, it held 354MB for the princely sum of [B]�73,000[/B].

    And let’s not forget: this is when �73,000 was worth something.

  6. Martin, read the thread about IBM production problems.

    (logged on by way of my bro in law’s g4 running osX.)

    Not ready to ditch my cheap and fast wintel hardware yet.

  7. I had a computer in 1986 with 1 Megabyte that cost a lot less than �1000.00, so the prices must have fallen considerablly compared to what MCCFR quoted. Also, I had a 40 MB HDD in 1987 which was around �1000.00. I think some companies gouged their customers because no one was making compatible equipment. Can you imagine what a state we’d all be in if only Apple sold HDD and RAM for Mac’s? I for one am glad that PC’s use standard parts and that we as Mac users can use a lot of those parts. I’d like to be able to use the Video cards and Sound cards a lot more, but ho hum.

  8. I have had two 667 MHz TiBooks whose right hinges have broken. I am typing away on one right now; the other is being used at work. I am going to get a new AlBook next week regardless. If the hinges didn’t break I would use these two forever almost. I had an SE which I upgraded to an SE/30, added a card for an external monitor, had a dual removable cartdrige drive hooked up, an external hard drive and modem and an Apple dot matrix printer. That little SE/30 looked tiny in comparison to everything I had hooked up to it. I used that machine for developing code (Lightspeed C), producing documents, playing “beyond dark castle”, etc. It never wore out. I eventually gave everything to a local nonprofit organization and they used it for several more years. This is an example of why Apple will never have a huge market share. Their computers are just too d— good.

  9. I’m looking forward to when my 10-week-old son is old enough and “discovers” the SE30 we’ve been keeping around the house. Won’t be long!

    BTW – Beyond Dark Castle was one of the BEST games out there at the time. I spent HOURS on it. (Another good one is Strategic Conquest Plus.) Played SC+ all the way through from the SE30 to the Centris 610 to the Beige G3 I gave up to get the 14″ iBook.

  10. BuriedCaesar, speaking of young kids, about a year ago, my now 2 1/2 year old came down and pointed to my eMac and said, “Apple.” Two days later he saw my mom’s pc, pointed to it, and said, “Bug.” From the mouth of babes…

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