Chris Rock’s immediate goal: sorting files on his two iPods

“Now that his tour is done, Chris Rock is looking forward to the arrival of a second daughter next month, and to a new film with Adam Sandler starting midsummer,” Frazier Moore reports for The Associated Press. “More immediate: Sorting files on his two iPods. One he wants loaded just with music, the other for comedy and spoken word.”

Moore reports, “But apart from his two-iPod lifestyle, Rock doesn’t make a habit of splurging, he says. ‘I live below my means, not above,’ he says, ‘so I won’t have to be on the road for at LEAST two years’ — he is stretching his mouth into that wide, emphatic Chris Rock grin — ‘at LLLLEAST!'”

Full article here.


  1. Warning! Registration required! Don’t feed the spammers!!

    How about a nice non-registering link?

    Since there’s not much to talk about here, guess we have to get creative.

    Ralph Nader for President!! LOL!!

  2. Ralph Nader has determined that trying to find a song on an iPod while in the car can be dangerous.
    Well, not really but it sounds like something he’d say…

    Chris Rock is too funny!

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