USC student trashes 2,500 iTunes-Pepsi bottles, redeems winning caps, enjoys a Diet Coke

“Faced with the task of spending a mandatory $2500 at his school’s cafeteria, a University of Southern California student got creative and spent his entire allowance on iTunes-eligible bottles of Pepsi. Employing the ’tilt’ method in order to ensure he was only taking home winners, and then taking them home in a suitcase, the student proceeded to dump most of the bottles down the trash chute, correctly stating that “Nothing in the terms and conditions said you had to drink this crap.” The photograph of him taking a break to enjoy a Diet Coke, after dumping 2,500 Pepsis down the trash chute? Classic,” reports.

There are similiar elements to the MacDailyNews article our own SteveJack posted back in early February (see Related MacDailyNews article below). The student has posted photos of his endeavor along with introductory text:

As a USC freshman, I am forced to have a meal plan. This plan gives me $2500 “dining dollars” to spend over the semester. Given that it is incredibly difficult to purchase $2500 worth of food in such a short time, I realized I could turn this “money” into free songs on iTunes by purchasing Pepsi.

See the photos here.

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A Coke drinker’s forced migration to Pepsi in quest of free Apple iTunes – February 04, 2004


  1. Not really any “wealth” for him to spread–he still lost a penny per cap. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Hmmm? I wonder if he was able to submit 2,500 winning Pepsi caps under a single iTMS account. According to the official rules, rule #6 states that only 200 winning caps can be redeemed per email address/person.

    Whether he was using Windows 2000, XP or whatever “other” flavor they crap out or OS X, did he set up at least 13 separate user accounts on his computer and set up each user account with a different iTMS account and then have 200 songs redeemed for each account ?

    Seems like a lot of work. But hey, well worth it?

    Total number of redeemed promotion caps = 53 since 3/19/2004 in Queens, NY area.

  3. You can only redeem 10 per day. He also has 13 days to get it done. April 30th is the cutoff date.

    Good luck dude! Think your screwed!!!

    hahaha, dumb ass Coke drinker.

  4. Don’t like Pepsi, and since I don’t actively seek it out, there’s not that much incentive for me to spend a buck on something I won’t enjoy to begin with to MAYBE get something I’ll know I’ll enjoy for the long haul and get WITHOUT paying the “idiot premium”, especially if up to this point you disliked Pepsi and are only now drinking it because of this promotion. What’s the “Idiot Premium”? Well, when you go to the store, that lovely soft drink doesn’t just cost 99 cents does it? You gotta spend $1.17 (or MORE, as one noted above) on a Pepsi (government has to get their tax, right? Yeppers) and then you have to get home, or wherever you’re going (if you’re driving it’s gonna cost you in gas there and back – gas = money – especially recently) just to get some “free” music. By the time you get home, or wherever, I’ve got several songs purchased, downloaded, sorted and uploaded to my iPod and I haven’t had to waste the gas, or spend the time or the effort to opening the silly bottle of sugarwater to get at what I wanted in the first place, and I ONLY paid 99 cents for each song. It’s a pointless and more costly exercise in that respect, if you ask me, which you didn’t, but there, I said it anyway.

    Now, if someone were to GIVE me a bottle, would I refuse it? Are you nuts? NO! It would be truly FREE. I’d take the cap (if it turns out to be a winner) and give the bottle to whomever gave it to me in the first place, let them figure out what to do with the open bottle, and go get my FREE music.

    Of course, if you DO enjoy Pepsi, that’s a different matter. I’m a little envious, because you get to enjoy a refreshing soda AND get a little bonus. It’s still costing you more than if you’d just downloaded that song straight off of iTMS, and that’s my only satisfying source to crush the beast of envy within.

    And you think feelings and opinions about the Mac vs. PC get heated? Hah. I’ll drink any Diet Coke or an IBC Root Beer or even a Fresca, and then look for all sorts of other carbonated beverages before ever consider drinking a Pepsi. I’d look for a water fountain first. Put a Pepsi drinker and a Coke drinker in the same room and tell them they can only have one or the other made available. Now THAT’S a scary thought.

  5. Oops. 14 for 29.

    Actually, I used to be a Coke drinker. But as I told people, “I don’t drink Coke for the taste–I drink Coke for the caffein.” I don’t like coffee. I drank Coke because that was what was available. When I did drink Pepsi, it seemed really sweet.

    Later in life, I switched to Mountain Dew. Tastes sweeter than Coke and it has Orange Juice (“So it’s good for you!”). My roomate likes Pepsi, so I started drinking it. After awhile, I “switched”–Coke now tastes sort of bland.

    That said, I drink Coke when I’m in restaurants which serve it. I don’t care all that much. With this promotion, I’ve been buying a Pepsi a day (or two, depending on my day) in place of one of my Mountain Dews.

  6. Big Gulp cup

    You realize you can roll up the Big Gulp cups to reveal WINNER or PLAY AGAIN without destroying the cup right? Just another option, which is a little easier than the bottle/tilt method which I find the bottle fogging up most of the time.

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