Apple announces new eMac 1.25 GHz G4, SuperDrive for US$999

Apple today announced a faster, more affordable line of eMac desktop computers for home and schools, including faster PowerPC G4 processors running at up to 1.25 GHz, 333 MHz DDR memory, faster ATI Radeon graphics and USB 2.0 connectivity to peripherals. Offering even more power and performance, Apple


  1. First, I think this is a great deal. Second, if you don’t feel that this is enough to make you upgrade, congratulations! You’re happy with your computer’s performance. Third, as far as the headless computers, yes these would be great and people would definitely buy them, but for Apple, they might loose money since they’d lose money on monitor sales. Also, they’d be offering a whole new class of computers which costs more money to support. I don’t think that their market share is big enough support this diversification. At any rate, there is some risk involved.

  2. have they fixed the fan noise in these new ones? I have an original emac 700mhz and it is the loudest damn thing in the world, much louder than my dual 1.4 g4

  3. i’m depressed. My top of the line Powerbook has the same processor as Apple’s entry level consumer model. They really need to distinguish the lines to justify the prices of their high end products.

  4. Sounds sweet and I am sure that from a technical standpoint it was easy to implement. This might be Apple figuring they have to release SOMETHING since they may be having delays with the G5 3 GHz (rumored to be so). That said, I agree that Apple has to get on the stick now and differentiate their top end models by getting the G5 into them (PowerBooks and iMacs) as soon as possible. Leave the high speed G4s for the iBooks and eMacs (and maybe a low end iMac). I am DYING to give Apple some money for a new G5 15″ Powerbook. I think from a sales standpoint, getting the G5 into Powerbooks is MUCH more important than getting the speed up to 3 GHz. Of course it is more technically challenging too I am sure.

    Just checked- here is the closest comparable Dell:

    Dimension 2400
    From $1,138
    Now from
    Before $100 mail-in rebate.

    Dimension 2400 Series:
    Pentium� 4 Processor at 2.66GHz with 533MHz front side bus
    Operating System:
    Microsoft� Windows� XP Professional
    Operating System Enhancements:
    Combo: Microsoft� Plus! for Windows XP and Digital Media Edition
    256MB Shared DDR SDRAM at 333MHz (Performs at 266MHz for 400FSB systems)
    Hard Drive:
    80GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
    CD or DVD Drive:
    Dual Drives: 8x DVD+RW Drive + 48x CD-ROM Drive
    Enhanced Software for CD or DVD Burner:
    Combo: RecordNow! and MyDVD Deluxe (DVD+RW only)
    Productivity Software:
    Productivity Pack including WordPerfect� and Money�
    17 in (16.0 in v.i.s., .27dp)E773c Monitor
    Video Card:
    Integrated Intel� 3D Extreme Graphics
    Dell Media Experience:
    Dell Media Experience�
    Dell� Quietkey� Keyboard
    Dell� Optical USB Mouse
    Multi-Media Players:
    RealOne� Player, with 14 day SuperPass trial
    Digital Music:
    Dell Jukebox PLUS powered by MUSICMATCH
    Digital Photography:
    Dell Picture Studio, Photo Album Premium
    Video Editing:
    IEEE 1394 Adapter
    56K PCI Data Fax Modem
    Network Interface:
    Integrated 10/100 Ethernet

    I got this off of Dell’s site just now. This does not include Anti-Virus Software (90-day Trial included), so you can tag on some more.

  6. “what will it take to please you guys?” – eaxit

    A quad G8 with OS X 10.9.9 and 23″ monitor plus 52x DVD-/+RW, all for $200. Oh, make that an 8-buttoned mouse, please.

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  7. The morons at cnet have done it again.

    “The new model, a revamp of Apple’s top-end eMac, is the first of the line to offer the company’s SuperDrive DVD recorder/CD burner…” cnet

  8. I get $850 for the cheapest similar dell noPC, but regardless, it must be noted that with 2.5 times the processing power and faster fsb, the dell will multitask when the emac won’t, for instance when using that fancy superdrive.

    Try hyping the mac experience instead of price points, it is easier.

  9. Joe-“2.5 times the processing power”
    How do you figure that? Are you the first to figure out the cross-platform processing power equation?
    And what are the spec on the machine?

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