MacShirt, formerly MacSurfShop, to shut down

Mike Yrabedra, President of has informed MacDailyNews that MacShirt will soon be closing its doors:

“We have been making and selling pro-Mac shirts now for close to 5 years now. Over the years we have seen many changes in the Macintosh market , as well as, with our small little web site. Unfortunately it is now time to shut down This decision was not made without much thought and prayer. We have come to a point where we feel our efforts are better spent on our other ventures. The MacShirt (and formerly MacSurfShop) has enjoyed great success over the years all because of you our loyal customer. For this we would like to say Thank you.

Are we closing forever? Well, never say “forever”. You never know what might happen down the road. Will we be open this time next year, probably not? The year after that, don’t know. All I can say is, this site has had it’s time and now it is time to move on.

All of our shirts are now available on our site for only $9.95. Get them while you can…you may never get them again.

Again, thanks go out to all the kewl folks that have made this site such a success.

Visit [url=][/url].


  1. I didn’t see anything there I wanted to buy, stuff wasn’t cool and there wasn’t a realistic picture of what your were going to receive.

    Is the graphic on the front or back?, is it cheap iron on or silkscreen?

    You can’t tell by the way they display their stuff, and the lack of visual feedback and poor creativity.

    most folks like a small cool graphic over the left breast and/or not a large graphic on the back.

    Most folks own powerbooks or powermacs vs emacs and imacs, ibooks. These people got money and don’t want to look cheesy with a cheap t-shirt.

    So that cuts their target market right there. Even MacAddict the magazine has undergone changes to act more mature.

    Now I did buy a quality $60 Black shirt with cool silver Apple logo

    So there is a market, it’s those running Macshirts not keeping up with changes in consumer preferences.

  2. To continue with my rant

    Where’s the iPod shirts? It’s the hottest thing out there.

    A cool iPod illustration over the left breast on a quality white cotton t-shirt for a good price and advertised on iPod sites would do nicely right now.

    Again, somebody is alseep at the wheel. Goodbye Macshirts.

  3. Just looked through the inventory. I like that they are pro mac but if that was all they were offering I can understand why they are going out of business. Even just a plain Black Shirt with a Big Blue X on it would be cool but just mostly sentences just doesn’t cut it. I got a really nice black polo shirt with a white apple logo on it a while ago.

    Anyway I wish them luck in their new ventures and if they start up again I hope they call me cuz I could give them lots of cool ideas for shirts ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. I think this goes to show (as well as declining computer sales) that Apple is losing valuable market share. All of Apple’s computers are over priced right now compared to the competition. Apples consumer iMac and eMac are terrible products that are easily out performed by a PC for less money.

    I like Apple but they need to do something….

    summery: Market share does matter!

  5. The only one I ever bought from them was the “National Security Risk” shirt. I still try to wear it whenever I have to fly somewhere, just to keep the airport guys on their toes.

  6. Jake you don’t know what your talking about, I wouldn’t call a PC cheaper if you have to hire a full time support tech to keep it running.

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