Steve Jobs’s Pixar interested in Disney ‘if Michael Eisner is ousted’

“Steve Jobs wants to return to the Disney fold if Michael Eisner is ousted as CEO, The Post has learned,” Tim Arango reports for The New York Post. “In January, Jobs’ Pixar Animation Studios dealt a serious blow to Eisner when it announced it was ending talks on extending a lucrative movie deal with Disney. But lately, Jobs has told associates in Hollywood that he would like to re-up with Disney if Eisner is pushed out, according to sources close to Jobs.”

Arango reports, “When Pixar ended the talks with Disney, Jobs said in a statement that the company would enter talks with other studios. But now those talks are on hold as Jobs waits to see what Disney’s board of directors does in the wake of a shareholder revolt against Eisner, sources say. Competing studios are salivating at the chance to ink a deal with Pixar, which has produced such hit movies as ‘Toy Story,’ ‘Monsters Inc.’ and ‘Finding Nemo.'”

“If Pixar and Disney do not eventually re-ignite talks, Warner Bros. is believed to have a leg up over other studios in the race to forge a partnership with Pixar,” Arango reports.

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  1. This was no doubt what Jobs had planned all along (note that Pixar hasn’t announced a deal with anyone else even though they said they’d start negotiating early last month), though I’m sure Jobs thought Eisner would be gone by now. I think there’s a better than average chance that this news will finally push the Disney board to doing something about Eisner. They could ignore losing Pixar with no hope chance of getting them back, they could ignore the incredible stockholder vote of no confidence, but you add the chance of getting Pixar back and the prospect of Disney’s two most recent theatrical releases being duds and even the most incestuous board of directors has to be moved to do the obvious.

  2. Pixar made the right move to blow Disney off if they are not willing to re-negotiate their deal taking into account the incredible value that Pixar brings to the table now compared to what they did when the relationship first started.

  3. I think he is just going through the motions – he has to leave the door open a bit so as not to seem like an angry schoolboy – plus it certainly helps in negotiations with other studios!

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