Apple investigating potential Mac OS X Trojan Horse issue

“Apple Computer Inc. responded on Friday to an advisory issued by security software-maker Intego on Thursday. Apple said they were aware of the issue outlined by Intego and that they were investigating,” MacCentral reports.

“‘We are aware of the potential issue identified by Intego and are working proactively to investigate it,’ said Apple in a statement given to MacCentral. ‘While no operating system can be completely secure from all threats, Apple has an excellent track record of identifying and rapidly correcting potential vulnerabilities,'” MacCentral reports.

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  1. I wouldn’t be so sure that Apple will get it before any of these get into the wild. I am sure that someone out there is working quickly to create a real horse with a payload to do some damage. They then need to determine how to get it out there without getting caught. It may not get to be widespread quickly, and Apple may head it off at the pass, but unless Apple gets a fix out next week, someone will beat them.

  2. The thing that virus writers will soon discover is that Mac users are not a bunch of morons that click on attachments they can’t identify, unlike the majority of clueless PC lemmings.

    They are going to have to come up with self-executing files if they ever hope to do any serious damage to most Mac desktops.

    Mac users are just too intelligent to fall for the usual crap that is used to infect most PCs.

  3. The thing with this trojan horse though is that it’s part of a file that most people are familiar with; an MP3 file. Granted, most of the people infected will be those that use file sharing apps and most likely those looking for the latest and hottest songs on the radio (aka crap).

    But at the same time, if the mac is used by a family which includes teenagers or college kids that have a mac for the cool factor, you’ll see this thing spread.

    On another note: MDN, get rid of the banner ad for the Free Lobster Dinner and the one asking “Which One is Snoop Dogg?”. They’re seizure inducers.

  4. There’s plenty of Mac users out there who are stupid enough to click on an unknown file. And plenty of them have a single user account that everyone in the family uses too.

    The thing that’s going to slow down an OS X trojan is that there are too few Macs to allow the kind of unrestrained propogation you see with Winblows virii. A Mac virus will need to be a Mac/Windows hybrid that can infect Windows machines also, otherwise it won’t be able to propagate through the vast numbers of non-Mac machines between it’s origin and any Macs out there.

  5. I am sure this can be fixed with another security update from Apple. But really nothing is broken. It’s theoretical. No one has done anything yet. And a lot of this can be thwarted with using a little sense when dealing with files from unknown sources or for those who “borrow” MP3s from Limewire. A “Get Info” on a file of this nature would show it as type “application.” Obviously there is something fishy with an MP3 showing up as an application instead of a document.

  6. “The thing that’s going to slow down an OS X trojan is that there are too few Macs to allow the kind of unrestrained propogation you see with Winblows virii.”

    You know, that’s one reason I’d love to write something that e-mailed itself to everyone in the address book, just to see what happens.

    Hey, this sounds like a good poll question: What percentage of the people in your address book are Mac users? If I had to guess (since I have an address book on my machine at work and a different one for the machine at home and I don’t sync them), I’d put it between 25-35% Mac users. And a few of them use Mac OS 9…

    How about all of you?

  7. “There’s plenty of Mac users out there who are stupid enough to click on an unknown file. “

    I’ll stick to my original prediction. The level of stupidity on the Mac side is far lower than on the PC side. Most Mac users are far more computer savvy than PC users, contrary to what the Mac’s ease of use would have non-Mac users believe.

    Just as I predicted the run-away success of the iPOD Mini on January 6th while surrounded by a majority who predicted certain failure of the product, I predict that clickable virus attachments won’t fool even a fifth of Mac users and thus will be ineffective.

    This of course is considering that Apple doesn’t take steps to combat the threat, which I am sure they are already working to do.

  8. The blinking ads are as annoying as the japanese cartoons shows that cause seizures. On the subject of trojans (some people just have to make trouble for others) its going to happen from time to time, at least they are rare on the mac.

  9. There has been a lot of talk of this trojan on Slashdot, and while I ain’t no programmer, it appears that if you play the mp3 in iTunes it’s fine. If you double click in finder then you have trouble. If you download it from any non-MacOsX source such as Kazaa you are ok because the file format destroys the resource fork that is exploited. There. It seems Mac users will be ok. As I type this on my xp machine it seems that twenty similar trojans for PC have been documented for PC this week. I don’t know why you guys use Macs. I really don’t…………ahem…..

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