Detailed info about potential Mac OS X Trojan horse

Intego, the Macintosh security specialist, yesterday announced that it had updated its virus definitions for Intego VirusBarrier to protect Mac users against the first Trojan horse that affects Mac OS X.

Intego has posted a Q&A document which contains questions and answers and provides more information about this Trojan horse and detailed technical information as to how it functions.

Full article here.


  1. I don’t get these trojan horses on my dell dj. mac users are so funny, no market share and now trojan horses. I can’t write any more, because i’m off to the walmart music store, 88 cents a download makes mac users cry a crapload.

  2. This is really bad….

    When the trojan runs all of you files in your home folder will be deleted…

    The Apple party is over…

    One double-click and all of your data is gone for good (secure-delete)
    Even on a external back-up hard drive
    Even on a server…..

    Wow this is really bad.

  3. To all the TROLLS out there:
    Nobody ever said that Mac OS X was impervious to trojan horses and the like, only that it was much more secure than ANY version of Windoze. Still is…

  4. sputnik, your a friggin retard. windoze has trojans too. the difference being no one has found a way to send this one. besides apple is already working on this and will probably have it fixed in a couple of days. besides this is all youve got on the mac os dont even get me started on your piece of S*** os. it take MS months to figure out there crap and then a few more to figure out how to fix it only to find out theyve created another hole along the way so they have to patch their patches. you really need to take your head out of your a** and wake up to a real os.

  5. Who the hell are these guys (Intego)? I have been using Mac since 1986, and have never heard of them. Virex – yes, NAV – yes, SAM – yes, Intego – no.

    Has anyone ever used their products?

  6. I have never heard of them before nor used their products and after this FUD incident on their part to flog their software I never will use it or anything else by them.

  7. birdseed
    Of course everybody knows Intego!
    It is like SCO, owned by M$…
    Newer seen this company anywhere!
    Did they make this “maybe-trojan” to sell their products?
    Maybe Intego is one of these comanies since yesterday wana bee?
    No one else knows this trick and that includes real companies like CA and F-Secure…

  8. NAV was recently updated with the virus definitions for this ‘trojan’.

    I’ve heard of Intego, they have their products sold at the Apple Store.

    Jobzzz…If OS X had 2% of the virii the Windows did, I’m pretty sure we’d have more than one, barely existent trojan. Go home to Thurott.

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