RUMOR: Apple already prepping Power Mac G6?

“Wednesday, IBM will be holding its POWER/PowerPC processor event — and if these rumors prove true — we could hear from Apple shortly thereafter,” MacOS Rumors reports.

“If so, the news might be PowerMacs that will adopt the POWER5-based PowerPC 975 processor as Apple’s ‘G6,’ fulfilling Steve’s 3GHz promise and paving the way for G5 (970FX)-based Powerbooks/iMacs,” MOSR reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rumor. However juicy, this is a rumor. Oh, but if it were true…


  1. It would explain 3 GHz for the Power Mac and also kill off the G4. G5 iMac, iBook, and PowerBooks would sell like hotcakes. Power Mac G6 would HURT the competition. Intel has to be hating life, even as they fleece the ignorant.

  2. I’ll visit MacOSRumors sometimes, just as food for thought. But if you want rumors with a truly good TRACK RECORD of judging what’s reliable info and what’s “out there”… I recommend (followed by and then maybe, time will tell.)

    Meanwhile, wild overly-optimistic rumors just make (some) people irrationally angry at Apple when those rumors turn to be ONLY rumors. Like all the people who seemed ready to embrace Windows because Apple doesn’t have a $99 iPod yet as “promised”–by rumor sites.

    Speculatation is fun, but I hope that having these rumors repeated on a “news” site does not turn them into LIKELY rumors in peoples’ minds. That would be a shame.

  3. As I said yesterday (RUMOR: Apple to release new PowerBook G4s this week) and none of you believed me:
    “hee hee hah hah hee hee! i got no new products but the rumor mill is going faster than a g6 running OSX 11!!!!”

    I let it slip about the new g6 yesterday – weren�t you all paying attention???
    Only Stevie Jay know da TRUTH!
    I have coded this next newsbit for you all to figure out:
    “No Envelope Wait….I Maybe Albeit Cheese…Salmon Oh Oh Nimble!!!”
    Go to it codebreakers, that is the next hot news from apple!
    Sez the 1 and only Stevie Jay

  4. Hey Nagromme,
    don’t blame the rumor-mill for coming up with stuff. blame apple. it would be nice if they give some kind of roadmap on their products. plus the fact that we have been waiting so darn long for some product updates is driving us up the wall. the last few weeks have been so slow with no real Apple/Mac news. I for one am sick of iPod mini or otherwise news updates/tidbits/critique. it has been done and redone. enough already. How about some real products now Apple? (i’ll settle for a preview).

  5. Also, Apple has said the G4 is here to stay. It’s our Celoron. Expect G4s in iBooks, and probably low-end desktops, for a long while to come. (And probably priced pretty nicely now that G4s aren’t the high-end.)

  6. Apple isn’t going to “preview” anything right now because they don’t want Mac sales to completely die for the period between now and when new systems come out. They are running a business afterall people and that would be the stupidest thing they could do. The rumor sites (yes all of them) are full of crap too. Apple will release updates when they are good and ready to, no matter what any stupid rumor site or anyone else says.

  7. I don’t blame the rumor mill for seeking previews of what’s to come–I gladly participate! Promotion of certain rumors as likely when they just aren’t true is something to be avoided. This G6 thing sounds like a case of that.

    As for Apple keeping their plans secret… sure, I’d like to know everything ahead of time in detail, but no company releases everything about their plans. It’s Apple’s right to choose what’s best to release. And just think of noise some would make if Apple DID release a thorough and scheduled roadmap… and then, as would happen to any company, some of those plans didn’t come through at the expected time.

  8. I sometimes think there are only about 5 or 6 guys that post on this site and they just use different names. And they’re probably in the same high school!

    Just a thought…

  9. “but no company releases everything about their plans”-Nagromme
    I’d add that if they do, they’re probably over-hyping or just trying to scare the competition or just testing the water, or other reasons I can’t think of.

  10. OK. i give them the benefit of the doubt. but given the extenced hardware drought we are in they could make an exception. not counting the iPod mini and the so call iMac 20′ update it has been since last May since we have had a hardware update. My guess is Apple is experiencing difficulty integrating their new chips G4/G5/G6. plus with the recent rash of hardware problems they encountered with their ibook, i ‘m hoping (gosh i’m really hoping) that they are taking extra measures in testing their products prior to release. but this extended no-news period is driving me crazy. I don’t ever remember MDN posting a MacOSrumor(given their track record) before. Is this what it comes down to? like i said, Apple is not helping. i happen to believe that if you tease them you keep them around. this quarter is going to be a terrible one for Apple. ipods not enough to carry them.

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