Thurrott: Apple’s ‘iPod Mini isn’t a sales phenomenon at all’

“As I wrote previously, only Apple could ship limited quantities of its iPod Mini in an attempt both show that it can meet a shipping schedule and then claim that the demand for the product is so high that it can’t make enough product to satisfy demand. I suppose that’s one version of what’s happening. But the truth, of course, is that Apple didn’t meet its February for shipping the iPod Mini in quantity in the US, and now it won’t meet its self-imposed deadline of shipping the iPod Mini worldwide in April either. That’s because, today, Apple announced that the product won’t ship until July,” Paul Thurrott writes for Internet Nexus.

“You may recall that Apple quickly announced that it had received 100,000 pre-orders for the iPod Mini but subsequently never mentioned how many they made so far, how many they’ve shipped to customers, or how many further iPod Mini orders they’d received. I suspect 100,000 is pretty close to the whole run, and on that note, I stand by my assertion that the iPod Mini isn’t a sales phenomenon at all,” Thurrott writes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: CNET reports that Greg Joswiak, vice president of hardware product marketing at Apple stated today, “We expected it to be a hit, but (demand) is turning out to be stronger than expected,” Joswiak said. “U.S. demand is going to consume all the supply we had planned through June.” If Thurrott thinks Apple had planned to sell only 100,000 iPod minis through June, he’s even more delusional than we had previously thought. We think Paul’s in for quite a shock when iPod mini (and iPod) sales numbers are released.

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  1. after this statement, now i agree with a take on this guy someone else had awhile back: he’s never going to say anything that isn’t negative or cynical about anything apple does. everyone should just ignore him. he obviously has some ax to grind. let him grind it privately.

  2. LOL! It is HILARIOUS watching Thurrott trying to squirm out of his dopey predictions when the facts come in. His predicament will only become worse as more facts come out–there’s no way Apple’s entire run through June is 100K units. Thurrott is not even intelligent enough to fudge his predictions enough so as to leave himself wiggle room. I predict the success of the mini will be the nail in the coffin for any remaining credibility Thurrott may have had, even in the Windows world. His professional “analyst” days are numbered…

  3. I have a theory on why Thurrott doesn’t like Apple – they won’t tell him anything. He likes to make himself seem important and by letting out little MS secrets, he makes himself seem that way (emphasis on SEEM). Because Apple likes to keep their corporate workings secret, he has nothing to report.

    It will be interesting to see if the shortage of iPod mini results in a sales spike for competitors. If it does, then you might be able to argue that an MP3 player is an MP3 player. If not, then it’s the iPod that people are waiting for and it really is the smash sales and cultural phenomenon that everyone says it is.

    Let the Thurrott is an idiot comments begin.

  4. This loser not only ignores the facts, but snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. What does a loser do when proven wrong? Ignore the facts and declare he was right – in spite of reality.

  5. I, for one, am glad MDN publishes this little tidbits of idiocy from Thurrott — it saves us all from visiting his site out of morbid curiosity and, as a result, bumping up his site traffic (or the traffic of any site that would publish him).

  6. He has zero credibility, so his opinions mean absolutely zero. He was and still is dead wrong and he can’t admit it. All I can say to Thurrott is, it must suck being you…

  7. wow!
    I just scrolled thru thurrots blog internet-nexus and over half his entries are apple stuff- and all negative.
    He sneers at the tiny installed base of macs, but then spends the majority of time slamming apple in every single catagory, be it their corporate pracises,ipod, os x etc.

    The dude is a real hateful snag.

  8. in his site linked above, he now claims he’s right on a couple of his horrid predictions over the last couple months, re ipod sales, propietary aac, etc, by linking to some other PC based columnists who share some of his OPINIONS, not facts.
    Man, is that guy a tooooooool!~

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