South African search portal Ananzi creates Mac-specific site

“South African search portal Ananzi has created an environment specifically for Apple users. Ananzi MD Mark Buwalda, himself an Apple fan, says Apple computer users who visit Ananzi in future will receive a targeted, customised look and content specifically tailored to them,” Tracy Burrows and Paul Vecchiato report for ITWeb. “‘Apple users have always been able to search and make full use of the Ananzi site, but now they will be automatically redirected to another section of the Ananzi site which is specifically designed for, and provides content aimed at, enhancing their Web experience.'”

Burrows and Vecchiato report, “Apple SA MD Bruno Verolini says the Ananzi site will help promote the fact there is a dedicated online store for the local Apple customer. The store is run by distributor the Core Group and offers an alternative to the dedicated retail chain. ‘In many ways, South African Apple users have been lacking an online


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    Can’t be that many Mac users in ZA then? Perhaps it’s because they are all living in London these days ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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    Dubya is an arse!!!! Arse, I say!!!!

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