Happy 3rd birthday, Mac OS X!

“Has it been three years already? A quick glance at the calendar tells us that the date is March 24, 2004, three years to the day after Mac OS X 10.0 began shipping. Join Mac.Ars in a trip down memory lane as we look at three years of Unix-y/NeXT-y/pinstripe-y goodness on the Macintosh,” Eric Bangeman writes for Mac.Ars. “I


  1. How interesting. Mac OS X is only 3 years old and it is a stable, mature life form. Yet Windows has been around for decades and it still can’t go anywhere without shitting its pants….

  2. Bora: Odd coincidence, the 24. of March is my birthday, too. We have to meditate on that. Are there really 730 people who frequent this site? Are there intelligent life forms in the Windows world?
    What can I say, you’ve caught me in a reflective mood.

  3. Maybe OS X can celebrate with its first virus ever?

    Come on, in 3 years NOBODY hates Macs, nor hates any high-profile Mac-using organizations, nor wants the prestige of being first… enough to at least try?

  4. But what about the fact that there are only 10 mac users in the world. What are the odds that 1 out of 10 of those Mac users share a March 24th birthday with Mac OS X? Pretty slim odds if you ask me.

    *cough* Microsoft r0x0rs!

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