Thurrott gives first impressions of Apple’s iPod mini

“I don’t feel a few minutes in a store is enough to qualify me to write a review, per se, I will provide my first impressions, in order,’ Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus. [I was going to the Apple Store] “to buy the iPod Mini for an upcoming comparative review, but they were out of stock. Apple fans will gleefully point out that this indicates that Apple is ‘selling out’ of the devices, but one of the employees at the store intimated that they hadn’t gotten too many to begin with, and frankly that’s a more likely scenario, given Apple’s historic inability to get hardware out the door.”

Thurrott calls the size of the iPod mini “much, much smaller in person than it appears on the Web” and writes, “It feels well-made, almost the perfect weight and balance for a device of that size.” He then calls it too expensive, “If this was $200 (or, better yet, $150), people would fall over themselves to buy them as they happened by Apple Stores around the country.” Thurrott likes the colors, the scroll wheel, and the user interface, but calls the iPod mini incomplete because you have to purchase the arm band, docking station, or remote control seperately, if you want them.

Thurrott unsurprisingly concludes, “In short, it’s pretty clear that the iPod Mini is a classic Apple product–well designed, too expensive, and ultimately bested by the choice-heavy competition from the PC world. You can get a lot of MP3 player for $250, and though it’s physically larger, the 20 GB Dell DJ is a much, much better deal for most people: It boasts five times the storage, gets over twice the battery life, includes WMA compatibility, features a larger, more readable screen, and includes a built-in microphone. Heck, save $50 and get the 15 GB version for just $200.”

Full thing here.

MacDailyNews Take: WMA compatibility? Don’t need it and that Dell Digital Junkbox won’t work with our store of choice, Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Thurrott’s really grasping now. Have you used the Dell DJ? The interface is laughable, as are the player’s controls in comparison to the iPod and iPod mini. We saw a guy a while back on the subway with a Dell DJ. About 10 of us (random riders) had iPods. We just looked at him and nodded to each other knowingly. He noticed. He looked sad.


  1. Relax, rageous. It’s hardly condescending to nod to another iPod owner. It is a cautionary tale. Buy a Dell DJ and you’re a loser. The only asshole I find in the piece is Thurrott, the King A-hole himself.

  2. Paul finally figured it all out. Bash Apple bring hits to our website. Face it he is just bashing Apple to compensate he’s inability to do actual journalism. I can agree not everything Apple produces isn’t a great product but houndreds of thousands of iPod mini’s are being sold off the shelf. I think the American people have spoken they love the iPod and this is just fuming the likes of good oh Paul.

  3. One of the great foundations of being a fagboy MAC user is to be a “condescending elitist asshole.” It’s no surprise Apple iPodders follow suit. Tree-hugging, butt-pumper, bone-smuggling artists use MACs. The rest of the world does Windows and laughs at you at all times for your slow toys, lack of software, incompatibility with the world, and foolish waste of money. You’re just too stupid to be sad about your wrong choice. At least the Dell DJ guy understood he made a mistake (yes, even I admit the iPod is much, much better than anything else). Still, commie pinko, Kerry-loving, liberal, gay-marriage fags – that’s a MAC Fag for you.

  4. Where is Mac mentioned “PassionoftheKrispeyKreme?” If you want to call a random group of iPod users snobs for noddling to each other in the presence of a ‘tard Dell DJ using duped fool, so be it. Leave Mac users out of it.

  5. I kind of agree with him. In terms of overall bang for the buck, the iPod is ultimately bested by other offerings. At Dell for example, you can get their DJ mp3 player right now for $199. In typical Apple fashion however, the iPod boasts superior aesthetics, style and elegance.

  6. 1. Mac users deserve to be smug. They figured it out in the midst of all of the marketing and FUD spewed by the Macwannabe MSs and Dells of the world. Macs are better and we know it. We pity Wintel Sufferers.
    2. iPod users noticing a poor bastard with a Dell DJ and “nodding knowingly” should be a crime punishable by death. How terrible! LOL!
    3. Do not buy a Dell DJ. It sucks and you will look like a fool.

  7. This really is classic PT! He doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong about them not selling, so he pulls some (very iffy) quote out of his rectum to suggest there weren’t many available. Helloooo? PT? Anyone at home? Knock-knock! It must really suck to be him.
    Then he goes on to repeat the same false price suggestions that have already been done to death and shown to be ludicrous. Guess what pauly, people have already fallen over themselves to get the mini, and if you keep up your ridiculous wishful thinking and denial, we’ll have one more written example of your complete incompetence and lack of credibility! And for your own good, you have to face up to the facts, after all, you don’t want to have to go and see those men in the white coats again, do you? So, there’s a good boy, now run along and play with the other children, you’re spending too much time in-front of that ghastly computer. It’s not surprising everyone laughs at you.

  8. I congratulate MDN for adhering to the true spirit of Mac users. Like the early Mac Addict (before the corporate sellout), MDN has the “Mac Mojo.” May they always keep it. Mac is better. We know it. iPod is better. We know it. There is NO crime in writing it or saying it aloud.

    Standing “O” for MDN!

  9. diamond = carbon
    coal = carbon
    diamond = coal

    dell = mp3 player
    iPod = mp3 player
    dell = iPod

    diamond – elegant and small
    coal – ugly and large

    in term of jewel,
    iPod is a diamond
    dell dj is a coal

    So, why do some people have problem with Apple’s pricing?

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