Apple Computer in trademark dispute with China over Apple logo

“Apple Computer Inc has been rejected in a bid to register its trademark logo for a Chinese clothing range, the China Daily has reported. As a result, the United States-based computer giant is now launching legal action against the Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce


  1. ” it’s “bad karma” to do business in a country where people are still punished for their personal faith and/or political views.”

    Oh well, that’s the USA out for me then.

  2. NoPCZone:
    My heart is with you but doing business in China is almost a must for any major corporation looking to the long-term. China is just too big a market, and going to be the biggest fairly soon. These days they’re more “pink” then “red”–though that is probably faint comfort to the political prisoners in their gulags. For the time being, those doing business there must “hold their nose,” while also hoping that they are really contributing to opening up their society.

  3. China has used it’s economic clout so as to blind the commercial sector into prostituting themselves to China. Make no mistake, the economy of China has changed, but the Communist Party is still in full control. Torture, execution and imprisonment for membership in non-approved faith-groups or expression of political views is still more common than anybody would like to admit.
    Many of the prisons holding “prisoners of conscience” have factories that produce components or products sold all over the world. If the United States as a government and as a people cannot stand up for what is right on this kind of thing, maybe we should turn out the lights on the lady in the New York Harbor.
    We should not make money/save money via human misery. I am no bleeding-heart liberal, wrong is wrong. This cuts to the most basic fabric of our values as a people. I will gladly pay more for products made elsewhere.

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