Windows worm, virus outbreaks intensify; Macintosh unaffected

“Antivirus experts have identified new versions of three major e-mail worms and say that a ‘war’ between rival virus writers may be to blame for the rash of outbreaks in recent weeks. New versions of the Mydoom, Netsky, and Bagle have all appeared on the Internet in the last 24 hours. Antivirus researchers have uncovered text messages in two of the worms that suggest a battle is underway between virus writers, antivirus companies say,” Paul Roberts reports for IDG News Service.

Roberts reports, “Examples of Netsky.F, Bagle.K ,and Mydoom.H were isolated on Wednesday, according to antivirus company F-Secure. All three variants resemble their predecessors, which spread in e-mail messages with vague-sounding subjects using infected attachments such as .zip, .exe, or .pif files. The viruses have their own SMTP engines and harvest e-mail addresses from infected computers, which are then targeted with infected mail, antivirus companies say.”

Computers running the Macintosh operating system remain unaffected.

Full article here.

Information about switching from Windows to Mac OS X, which currently has zero (0) viruses to date, here.


  1. One of our customers actually turned around to me and said that if the viruses kept coming they were going to dump windows and replace the peecees with Macs. Finally some people are starting to get a clue!

  2. I don’t think I will ever understand why people choose Microsoft, even without all the viruses and worms it still looks like it belongs in a museum, alongside British Rail’s tilting train (another design that in theory was excellent, but failed miserably)

  3. Hehe, Windows compared to the APT, now that’s funny! They both made people sick, but one of them managed to sell. I wonder, if the manufacturers of the APT had MS’ marketing folks, would we all be vomiting our way from A to B?

  4. I WILL TELL YOU WHY MS IS GETTING ALL THE VIRUSES. Right now we are in a technology war. MS has been trying to spread FUD about Linux for the last three years, and it hasn’t been working. MS has been losing mad business as a result of Linux. In an act of desperation they have funded the SCO Group, which has all of a sudden laid claims to the code used in Linux. The SCO group is using MS funded money to sue companies using Linux, saying they need to pay a License Fee. This evil heavy handed big brrother tactic is making companies fear Linux (fearing a lawsuit, however unfounded), and is threatening to kill Linux. Since Linux is a grassroots movement, Linux programmers are fighting back the only way they know how – writing viruses. The first batch would hijack peoples machines and use them to attack the SCO’s website, and MS’s website. If you own a PC, you are in the middle of a war, plain and simple. Why? Because MS SUCKS, that’s why…

  5. Hate for MS is part of it, no doubt. That doesn’t justify deleting people’s files.

    Now, what about all the people who ate Apple? They’ve had 3.5 years to do something to OS X. You may be sure people have tried!

  6. finally got one of these emails a couple nights ago. Norton saw it incoming, got rid of it. Yawn. You guys really lack for happy news eh? Not that I doubt these anecdotes I read here, but these end of the world headlines are as funny to me as they are to you. Flame away.

  7. AMEN!!!!

    Think about it.. 300 MILLION PEOPLE are running Windows…

    You think none of them are annoyed at us Apple ASSHOLES?

    You think out of those that are annoyned, none of them are into viruses?

    Out of THOSE.. you have what? Around 500,000 virus writers that want to laugh at around 30 MILLION mac fans.. or around 16 milion OS X users…

    And not ONE has succeeded?

    Enderle, stop fuckin’ lying. Gates, stop lying. Thurrot stop lying. Everyone stop lying and putting fear into your customers.

    THERE IS NO CATCH to owning a Mac.

  8. Just out of curiosity, what would stop someone from writing an Applescript sending it out via email to Mac users which run a series of commands including the harvesting of email addresses from The script then commands to send those in a new email? As I recall, an Applescript does not need to be “installed” so no admin password is required. In fact, any app can be mailed around as a trojan (which is what attached .exe files are for the Win crowd) and then hope that a few folks double click them. Again, no password required by the user.


  9. ust out of curiosity, what would stop someone from writing an Applescript sending it out via email to Mac users which run a series of commands including the harvesting of email addresses from

    Not much. However, it wouldn’t be too effective at doing its thing unnoticed. Firstly, iirc, mail warns you when trying to open a script directly, so there goes the “it’s a picture of a naked women, honest” trick. Next thing would be to get to the address data and send the messages without the user knowing. Unlike in windows you can’t simply install a mini server program that opens a bunch of ports and sends a load of mails without you noticing. Of course, a determined hacker could still succeed in creating something slightly annoying, it just wouldn’t have the impact.
    The thing is, while you could create a script that pisses off the average uncautious and over-curious user, maybe by deleting a load of their files, it wouldn’t get very far and would be eradicated rather easily. To make something that can spread like wildfire is just much more difficult.

  10. There are viruses designed for Windows and some are for Mac, what’s the secret is that virus creators are more reckless than the most careless person in the world!

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