New York Times: Apple opens San Francisco store to crowds that seemed endless

“For some Apple fanatics, apparently, the queue’s the thing,” Christopher Hawthorne writes for The New York Times. “This particular one seemed endless. It began just outside the front door of the store, a brand-new two-story building whose upper level, featuring two glowing Apple logos set against stainless steel panels, gives it the look of a silvery PowerBook flipped open for use. It then ran along four full blocks before hanging a sharp right onto Market Street. Apple officials estimated that about 1,200 people were in the line at the 10 a.m. opening, and that nearly 6,000 more passed through the store on Saturday.”

“‘The appeal is you get to hang out all night long and just talk to people,’ said Ulan McKnight, a bleary-eyed Web developer from Berkeley who arrived at 9 p.m. on Thursday, 37 hours before opening time, to secure a place at the very front. Saturday was Mr. McKnight’s 40th birthday. But camping out on the sidewalk isn’t something he does only to mark personal milestones: he was also first in line for the opening of the Apple store in SoHo in New York, in July 2002,” Hawthorne writes.

“Still, this event had a special buzz, Mr. McKnight and others said. After all, the San Francisco Bay Area is the absolute center of Apple mania, and the company’s headquarters are just south of here, in Cupertino. That proximity was enough to ensure the attendance of company officials including Steve Jobs, the chief executive, on Saturday,” Hawthorne writes. “The size of the crowd may have seemed puzzling, especially for non-Apple users, for whom a trip to the computer store is more a chore than a pilgrimage.”

Hawthorne writes, “Mr. McKnight, at the head of the line, added, ‘This is going to sound like a commercial, but the reality is that Apple makes products that change our lives, and this is a small way for us to say thank you.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows users just wouldn’t understand.


  1. Sailfish, I have never seen a Gateway store open, but I have seen several close in different markets. Windows users just don’t understand. They have yet to connect with their computers on a “personal level.”

  2. “I appreciate the innovation and accomplishments of Apple, but I would not stand in line more than 5 minutes to enter any Apple store.”

    This is what defines an Apple user…standing up for one’s own personal preference

  3. Mac fanatics wait in line at Apple stores. Mac users usually have a life.

    Personally, I think these opening nights are indicative of the oppression Mac users suffer. It’s hard to be a minority with no place to gather with your colleagues and no place to buy the food of your homeland. It’s like living in a town where Taco Bell is what passes for Mexican food, and then an authentic taqueria opens.

  4. “It’s like living in a town where Taco Bell is what passes for Mexican food, and then an authentic taqueria opens.”

    Hee hee! What a prefect analogy!

    And since most Windows users have never tasted the real thing, they have no idea what all the fuss is about! ;o)

  5. You know we like macs and use the powewrful machines to create and enjoy. The wintel gang surfs porn and writes viruses. Much hate. See the difference in the following ?

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