RUMOR: Power Mac ‘Quadra’ G5 quad processor coming soon?

The following is an unconfirmed rumor, so take it (or leave it) for what it’s worth. Our lone source on this one indicates that Apple Computer may be reviving the “Quadra” moniker for an upcoming quad processor G5 Power Mac. Yup, four G5s in one tower – now we know why the case is so roomy. Of course, Mac Quadras were single processor models only; this is a branding name deal only. All about reviving a bit of the nostalgic past and making it new, we guess.

That is the extent of the information. Rumor only. Grains of salt and all that, of course.

We’ll have more when/if possible.

See the “King of the Quadras,” released in May 1992, Apple’s Macintosh Quadra 950, complete with its “screamingly fast” Moto ‘040 33 MHz CPU here.


  1. Quadra xServe G5 anybody! First! Second! Sold!
    BBC story is now IN, so no more rumours today.
    Microsoft admits that their products are insecure. That is news!

  2. It would be rather special. Not a great deal of use to me, I don’t think I need that kind of power right now, but I bet plenty of people do.

    Mind you, if I start using FCP a bit more, maybe something like this wil appeal to me.

    I think it would be good just from a marketing standpoint. To demonstrate how well OS-X and the G5 scales. I don’t think a quad was viable with the G4 because of that weird shared bus limitation.

  3. It would make perfect sense. Many other server platforms have 4 way and 8 way configurations. An xServe would be an excellent application, but unless you’re rendering or running 18 different high resource applications, 4 processors would just be a really expensive pissing contest.

  4. More hard drive bays would be better utilisation of the space inside the PowerMac. Quad processors may sound impressive but that is the sort of feature that I would expect in something like the XServe, not on any desktop model.

  5. Will 4 processors really have an exponentially better effect upon video work, or will you get diminishing returns?

    Also, would a 64-bit OS (and software) take better advantage of 4 processors better than a 32-bit OS?

  6. Seems like a really good idea to me, but Many things wont take advantage of 4 processors, not many programs can use 2 processors at the same time, with a dual system all your little apps tend to run on 1 CPU and your front most programs gets 1 whole processor to itself, when you have 4 processors it stands to reason that 2 of them will be mostly unused by things such as: halo, dream weaver, flash, etc. I don’t think the software is in place to support such a move, the os is, but software makers suck big time at this.

  7. ‘hey’ – it’s really up to MDN what they post, not you. They’re not accountable to any of their readers. If you don’t like that all stories aren’t news, then why bother coming here ? You didn’t even need to read it. It’s got RUMOUR right at the start of the headline.

    Other points : I’d prefer more room for hard drives too over processors.

    64-bit OS. From what I understand, the OS doesn’t necessarily need to be 64bit because the G5 can run 32 bit or 64 bit instructions without needing a restart and a BIOS tweak (unlike other processors). The main limitation is that an individual app can’t address more than 4GB of RAM.
    The OS itself has been tweaked to be able to address a 48-bit memory space, so that multiple applications hogging 4GB of RAM can run concurrently.

    So also from what I understand, 64bit apps should happily run on top of a 32-bit OS. If they rely heavily on 32-bit services, then I guess that the advantages of their own 64-bit code could be limited. It might be possible to have introduce 64-bit subsets of critical routines without making the whole OS 64 bit, but I’m nowehere near sure about that (I’m posting it so that maybe someone who does know more about this stuff can fill in the gaps).

  8. Wow. Don’t know if I beleive they would do it, but the thought of a new Mac model with the name Quadra really does tug at my nostalga strings.

    The 900 and later 950 were the big guns of the time, and I worked on some, but the Quadra 800 is the model that I really loved. It was the workhorse of many a design studio at that time, the PPC was what ened it’s reign especially once the 604e came out.

    I had a Quadra 800 for my own studio and it took good care of me for 5 or 6 years with a little extra RAM here and a video card upgrade there.


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