Apple vs. Apple judge admits owning an iPod

“Mr Justice Mann, of the High Court Chancery Division, revealed today that he owns an Apple iPod


  1. “Apple iPod � the neat little portable computer which allows its user to download thousands of music tracks over the internet”

    What are they smoking? Is it still possible NOT to know what an iPod is these days?

  2. Hey Seahawk — the site that posted the story has a tagline of “Scotish news direct from Scotland”. You don’t expect a proper Scotsman to actually purchase something he can get for free, do you? Ach!

  3. And so the devious plan of Darth Jobs to infiltrate every level of society gathers pace�

    We already know that the House of Commons is riddled with iPod users – hence the Early Day Motion on batteries – which takes care of the legislature, now we have the judiciary, all we need now is what passes for the executive branch (the front bench of the Government) and we can start to filter subliminal audio messages directly into their brain (?): “Windows is insecure, buggy rubbish – buy an OS you can trust”.

  4. Even though he has an iPod, it’s possible it was so he could take all his Beatles records with him. Back to square one ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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