Apple retail stores coming to Canada

“The next round of Apple’s international retail store experiment is set to touchdown in Canada, according to sources with ties to the company’s retail division,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

Marsal reports, “Plans to launch at least two stores in the Toronto, Ontario area are said to be underway, with Apple representatives actively seeking additional locations in and outside of the province.”

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  1. In Apple’s shoes I wouldn’t touch the Eaton Centre area. The downtown core is not accessible by auto and suffers from gridlock. Not that it’s not a showcase area, but high income people use cars to move their purchases. Yorkdale is the better choice because it has subway access (making it accessible for the entire subway network) and has considerable parking and is close to intersection of highway 401. The location north of Toronto in Vaughan is accessible by car and would be excellent becaused this is a high income fast growth area, and Toronto’s crime and congestion haven’t got there yet. It is close to excellent highway intersection with highway 400. I think Apple should rank them A. Yorkdale, B. North in Vaughan, C. Dundas & Yonge.

    But what will this do for the Ottawa area…the fourth largest city and seat of (corrupt and pacifist/socialist) federal government?

  2. The Canadian govt. is the reason why Apple hasn’t come in sooner and why there isn’t a Canadian iTMS yet. Same goes in Europe. With all of the red tape involved in doing anything in Canada or Europe it’s no wonder. I just wish some of those that are/were complaining would quit blaming Apple and place the blame where it belongs, on the govt. bureaucracy in these countries.

  3. WOOOOOOT!!!! Great news! I’ve been waiting a long time for an Apple store in Canada…and since I live in Toronto…this is the best news possible. I drove all the way to bufallo two days ago and got to go the Apple store in Walden Galleria…it was amazing. I can’t wait!
    I heard one of them is going to be in the Vaughn Mills Mall (i think that is what its called) that is going to be the new biggest mall in the world. I think the eaton centre would be a great place for the apple store as well. There are 2 subway stops that directly access the mall and it is always packed…

  4. It will wear off as time goes by.

    I live in Vancouver, and sure I would love to see an Apple Store in Vancouver .. but having visited the Apple Store in Vegas, Palo Alto and Burlingame a total of over 30 times over the last few months — the novelty wears off.

    The Genius Bars are missing Genius .. the displays are amazing, the staff is all corporate .. no opinons allow, no flexibility to open boxes before you buy something, etc.

    In the Bay area there was a great chain called Computerware .. that is the subject of Litigation as they feel that they lost so much business from the cache of the local Apple Stores they had to close their doors.

    Well, in Vancouver — I spend a small fortune at Simply Computing .. not because they are the only game in town (they are not) .. it because they know the product (all the Mac product out there), they are flexible and they have a sense of community in their store.

    The Apple Stores are so sterile (amazing though) .. that you don’t feel comfortable hanging around .. it takes 30 mins to walk around, view everything .. and guess what … you are done. Please leave now.

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