Apple adds ‘New Music Tuesdays’ tracks and exclusives to iTunes Music Store

Apple’s “New Music Tuesdays” continue to rock on weekly. Apple has announced new releases to the iTunes Music Store, including Disturbed, Chevelle, Taproot & Unloco, JC Chasez, Grant Lee Phillips, Brad Mehldau Trio, The Frames, Ismael Serrano, Ram


  1. From a story released yesterday:
    Apple has added a new ‘premium’ feature to the iTunes Music Store, full-length live recordings for $14.99. It is the first time the company has broken the 99 per song, $9.99 per album paradigm.
    Two live shows by ‘one of America’s best-known “road-warrior” bands’ Widespread Panic are available, and Apple are apparently committed to keeping the iTMS ahead of its rivals by extending the range of content available.

    I checked it out. One live show had 51 tracks for a total of 8 hours! Most tracks were available individually but long tracks (one was 22 minutes) was album only. This is a great way for bands to make additional money off material that normally wouldn’t make it to physical CDs and stores.

  2. Why no Daft Punk or Linkin Park??? Those are two band that are very successful (LInkin Park especially, but Daft Punk in Europe and the club scene especially)…and they’re not on the iTMS…

  3. Just being honest here.

    I’m a bit sick of iPod and ITMS stories.

    1. this is MacDailyNews and not AppleDailyNews or iPodDailyNews
    2. I live in Australia and iTunes music store doesn’t work there, so none of it is terrifically relevant to me.

    why not have a second site and post all the ipod shit there.

  4. actually, my last post was a bit rude.

    So I’ll amend.

    Firstly, I’m not a windows troll I own two macs, a G3 and G5 (and no windows OS, but I do have a Linux box), I’m a Java Developer mainly, and web site designer on the side.

    My interest is firmly with macs, and while, I’m sure iPods are just terrific and are also made by Apple, I feel that on a site called macDailyNews with the tagline: “where Mac news comes first” iPod stuff is a bit off-topic, perhaps OK for the occaisional mention, when the news is particularly momentous, but not for stories like the one above.

    Am I alone here?

  5. Snike, if it weren’t for ipod/itunes trivia and wintel viruses there wouldn’t be much to report here, given the poor state of apple’s computer line. I think we should just grin and bear it, or we will have Jack’s “opinion pieces” for filler.

    when/if the g5 laptops come out, it will get better.

  6. Snike, just click on the stories you are interested in. The rest of us will to the same. I’m sure they keep track how many hits each story gets. If there are no hits the stories will disappear.

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