Apple’s iPod mini pricing ‘a stroke of genius’

“Macworld spoke with Apple’s iPod worldwide product marketing manager Danika Cleary as the company prepares to ship its new iPod mini in the US on Friday. iPod mini costs $249 in the US


  1. it�s the old half full/half empty argument…depends on how you look at it.

    Real question is if mini-iPod steals sales from higher-capacity iPod or does mini-iPod expand Apple�s market…

  2. i work at an apple store in the bay area cali, and let me tell you, this thing is going to be a smash success. we get tons of calls from people asking about the mini as well as people coming to the store looking for the mini. the demand is insane. while the mini is not OUT yet, we do have some ipodmini shells out on displaly. these things are sweet. if i didnt own a 15 gig already, i’d snatch a silver one in an instant

  3. if the mini does steal market share from the original ipods then i guess the critics of the mini’s price were really wrong…. sure people could get a 15 gig ipod for $50 more but they decided to stick to the mini… apple’s bet that people will buy the product because of its form paid off ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> hope that doesn’t happen though… at least apple got the first part right… it wasn’t overpriced for the market… hope this model extends the market instead of leeching off its big sisters…..

  4. What are the mac faithfull?

    If the pricing is right then why do pundits comment that it will down over time?

    Nobody doubts that the mini will do well, very very well. The point is though that it is still too expensive for what it is and it could have done phenominally well.

    Any fool can overprice and item.

  5. John, what on earth is your problem? How are you determining that it’s still too expensive? Too expensive based on what? Competition? Nope. Component prices? Hardly, considering that these harddrives for cameras cost about twice as much, and that’s just the drive. Or is it just that you can’t afford it personally? Big deal. Neither can I at the moment., but I can’t call it overpriced just because I cant afford it. So please, do enlighten us!

  6. John,
    Prices always go down over time. Also, if you remember your economics classes, there is this little thing about supply and demand. If you can’t meet the demand, you might as well raise the price.

  7. The ‘price’ was ‘right’ for the market at this moment. It leaves room for an adjustment during the summer Mac Expo. Once demand goes through the roof and costs of smaller hard drives goes down, we will finally see a $199 iPod Mini. And on top of that the storage will go from 4 to maybe 8 gigs and an iPod Mini for $199 with 8 gigs of sorage will take over the market with ease..and very fast. Until, of course, the Video iPod is released.


    “The Mac faithful do not generally understand retail”

    So true, since “retail” implies competition. When you have to buy whatever Jobs squirts out, you’re shopping at the company store.

  9. I believe that the mini is the higher end ipod (after all, it does have an aluminum exterior, and not white plastic), just not the higher capacity one. It’s a bargain at $250. I’m sick of people saying Apple would sell tons more at $199. They’d sell even more at $150.

  10. Not all of us need 15-40GB in a portable music player. I have a monster CD collection but have just over 1100 songs loaded into my iTunes. 1,000 songs is more than enough for most of us.

  11. “Any fool can overprice and item.” – John

    Maybe so, but it takes a genius to overprice an item and sell it like there’s no tomorrow.

    The fact is, iPod mini is truly a new product in a lot of sense. Take the hard drive for example. Or the click wheel. It takes money to design this thing. It takes money to start an assembly line to produce this thing. When you don’t produce many, the parts are expensive. When things ramp up, prices go down. Simple economics.

    Despite my joke above, iPod mini is not overpriced. Pricey, yes, but not overpriced or expensive. Some people don’t make this distinction, sometimes.

  12. I think the “Mac faithful” comment was ignorant and insensitive, but I don’t have a huge problem with the pricing. Rio’s 1.5 GB Flash player is $199, making the mini look like a decent value with more than twice as much storage for $50 more.

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