Are Pepsi iTunes caps available in your area?

This is a simple story that MacDailyNews readers will write below. We have received numerous email messages from MDN readers either reporting Pepsi iTunes winning caps or complaining that the only Pepsi iTunes bottles they’ve seen are the ones on Apple’s website.

Unfortunately, most of these messages do not state the readers’ locations. So, tell us all where you found your Pepsi iTunes bottles or where you’ve looked, but found not a one.

By the way, the iPod Garage “iTunes Pepsi Bottlecap Map” which tracks winning and losing caps (and cups) and their locations across the United States is here.

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  1. 8 winning caps, on regular Pepsi bottles, starting the day after the Super Bowl – all purchased from a Hess Mart in Saratoga Springs, NY.

    Hint: hold the bottle above eye level and tip the bottle before purchasing – you can read whether it’s winner or not with a little practice! I am 8 for 8!

  2. None in St. Louis Missouri – I’ve checked major grocery stores, Walgeen’s and convenience stores. I like Sprite better but willing to switch to Sierra Mist for two months.

  3. Hey, James – I’m in Clifton Park, NY (about 30 miles south of Saratoga) and we have had caps here since the Super Bowl, too. I have won 3 times out of about 6 tries. I am planning on using your hint to increase my odds!

  4. I’ve driven from Columbia, SC to Tallahassee, FL and back since Pepsi launched the promotion. And I made stops in SC, GA, and FL with the intent of seeing if I see a specially marked Pepsi, but I did not find a single one. So I bought my usual Sprite instead.

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