RUMOR: Apple reportedly working on Video iPod

“I thought that Apple would forgo an iPod portable video player (PVP), but the company is reportedly working on one. When CNET Executive Editor David Carnoy and I discussed this possibility a few months ago, he thought it was likely, but I disagreed. Engineering a portable device is much more difficult for video than for audio. A movie file’s resolution, frame rate, codec, dimensions, and so on complicate compatibility, and enjoying video on the go is harder. Loading a PVP requires onerous file conversion, and you have to view the content on a fairly small screen,” Eliot


  1. “Who knows what we�ve got in our labs?”

    I still love that quote from Jobs. Maybe that “little Japanese guy” is still hiding in the closet.

    “Andy? Can I come out now?”

  2. Peter:
    I catch what you are saying. That article about the Mac’s HD being from Sony was hilarious.
    Now that would be an interesting alliance: SONY and APPLE.
    Too bad I read an article sometime ago where SONY’s CEO said that Steve Jobs was very “arrogant” or something like that.

  3. Dudes…….not a PVP but a PVR. snap Isite on top and now got a recorder. No one wants to view video on their ipod…….recording video….different can O Beans.

  4. I would be surpised if it was a pure video iPod..


    I could see a iPod PDA which does video as well.

    Apple just needs to add a touch screen and a bit of code and you have a PDA.

    it would kill all other PDA’s.

  5. fef …that is correct. But he has a right to be. He is one of the best…just like Trump is arrogant as well….he makes buttloads of cash and Steve Jobs is very passionate about what he knows and I guess the guy just didn’t get it. I heard the Sony shareholders were upset with the Sony CEO for not working with Steve Jobs.

  6. We’re accustomed to thinking big when speculating about future Apple products. But some come in smaller increments (iPod Mini?).

    Jobs has said that no one wants to sit and watch a movie every day on a small screen. Nor do they want to wait to load 2GB of data. Movies just aren’t siuted for an iPod delivery.

    But thinking smaller, many may be enticed to buy an iPod that includes the ability to show off your iMovie projects and iPhoto library. With a few more chips and circuts and a color screen, this is feasable. Not revolutionary, but evolutionary.

    Think Different. The masses take the easy (and wrong) approach and just say “hey, let’s put movies on these things”. But they’re wrong for the reasons Steve outlined. Just like they’re wrong about tablet PCs. Apple will do this right.


  7. The moment I heard Steve announced Pixlet I had the strongest gut feeling that the “Apple Video Store” and some sort of video iPod were in the works… While I don’t quite see an existing market for the video iPod , the Apple Video Store seems like a very natural and logical extension of the current music store. With Broadband spreading quicker and getting more affordable I see it a reality within the next 18 months.. Time will tell.

  8. I’d certainly like to get some sort of portable video viewing device. I barely watch regular TV–I watch DVDs, VCDs and captures from usenet on my iBook and Cube. I can’t remember the last DVD I watched on a TV.

    However, the iBook is a little to large to always be convenient. My train trip for work is the exact length of an anime episode, or both ways is equal to a drama TV episode minus commercials. Unfortunately, in the morning there are no seats by the time the train reaches my stop, and the iBook is too big to hold while standing in the aisle.

    The technology is certainly there–the problem is figuring out the right size for the machine, an acceptable weight, and getting the price at a saleable level.

    Run input and output options along one of the spines and you have a way to bring movies or other programs over to a friend’s house to watch.

    I can see this as the kind of product where you would go through a hundred protypes trying out different combinations of screen size, display type, weight and cost.

    The problem, of course, is the screen–a jaw-droppingly small player would have too small a screen for most people, while a machine with an impressively large screen would be too large and heavy for most people.

    When Apple comes up with something that lets me watch last night’s episode of 24 on something I can carry in my pocket, I will be first in line to buy it.

  9. Old news. He was being sarcastic, as despite his repeated comments regarding the subject and how he said it was a non-starter the rumor mill still kept turning. Slow news day? Roll out the video iPod rumour….

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