ZDNet: Apple’s iLife ‘04 ‘perhaps the best $50 you could spend on software right now’

“Apple’s new iLife ’04 package, introduced last month at Macworld, arrived on my desk a few days ago. And, while I’m not a musician and don’t play one on television, I have been having a lot of fun with GarageBand,” David


  1. OK I want to know who wrote this article and put Coursey’s name on it. Also did MDN sneak into ZDNET publishers office and place this article on his or her desk. I know a writer for ZDNET would never write a positive article about Apple they was the same one who said iPod would flop and who would buy a lamp look-a-like iMac. This is diffidently the workings of a mad Mac Head.

  2. Coursey is a different breed of ZDNET reporter. He used to be very anti-Mac until last year (I think it was last year) when he decided to put his PC away for a month and use nothing but the Mac. Well, as expected, he fell in love with it, and since then he’s been writing (mostly) positive articles about the Mac and urging others to give it a fair try.

  3. Coursey detailed his switch in his columns 2 (?) years ago and I have to say that he wrote about the experience in an even-handed way, even describing the warts that he found, something many Mac advocates refuse to admit exist.

    It’s simple, really. Apple’s working on a couple of complementary household devices…

    1) a small receiver base station that receives streamed audio music, video, photos from a Mac…via 802.11g. It’ll display the video, photos, or DVD on a TV screen (HD and 16/9 format), play music over a stereo system (or the TV), and “communicate” with other Mac and Windows users via iChat AV.

    2) that device will complement another Apple product– a relatively small tablet Mac (not called a Mac, bigger than an iPod, smaller than Windows tablet PCs), that runs a version of OSX, and can receive broadcasts from either another Mac (which stores iTunes music, iPhoto photos, personal movies, DVDs, AND television programs stored on the Mac), or from the “base station” device.

    Both devices will use 802.11g. Both will receive/broadcast. The tablet device will also do iChat AV, iLife apps, and much more.

    Is that cool, or what?

    Now, when? This year, before the fall buying season. It’ll be a big announcement. Get your checkbooks ready. Apple has learned how to make cool stuff again (after the debacle of Sculley, Spindler, Amelio and company) and we’ll happlily turn over our money for the following…

    – desktop Mac (PowerMac, iMac, or eMac)
    – laptop Mac (iBook or PowerBook)
    – Mac OSX annual upgrades
    – iPod and/or iPod Mini (I’ll have both, of course)
    – iLife annual upgrades (new apps added, new features, works on latest OS)
    – iReceiver/Broadcaster to plug into TV and entertainment center
    – iTablet to watch, communicate, work (office, school, home)

    Wait!! There’s more… but later.


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