iTunes-using Coke drinkers switching to Pepsi?

MacDailyNews gets email and many recent emails are from Coke drinkers going through withdrawl as they switch to Pepsi in quest of free iTunes songs. Our own SteveJack is one such person.

“I am a Coke drinker; Diet Coke, to be precise. My mornings have been upended this week. The morning ritual of a McDonald’s Supersize Diet Coke (I prefer Mickey D’s unique watered down version of Diet Coke before noon) at the drivethru has ceased. It has been replaced with a stop at the Hess Mart for two bottles of Diet Pepsi with potential iTunes winning caps,” SteveJack writes over in the MacDailyNews Opinion section.

Read SteveJack’s full article and his solution here.


  1. I can’t say anything for diet drinks, but unless I’m mistaken, Pepsi uses real sugar while Coke uses that cheap corn syrup crap. For people who can tell the difference in taste, most people prefer Pepsi. The only notable exception is a “rum and coke,” where something in that partially hydrogenated garbage is unlocked by rum that doesn’t seem to occur in Pepsi.

    Anyhow, I drink only water and coffee, and I listen to electronic music. I’ll stick to Bleep for Warp Records and paypal for Merck.

  2. I am also a Coke brand loyalist, but I love my Apple brand more. So I switched to Pepsi as well in hopes of winning. Heck, since I drink a soda daily, I might as well get a free song out of it. But anyway, it turns out that I think I like Pepsi as a cola better than Coca-Cola. I will stick with my Sprite, but I’m all Pepsi from here on out.

  3. No 7-11’s anywhere nearby? From what I can tell, you can put anything you want in the 32oz Pepsi/iTunes cups available there (and other gas stations) and you still have the same odds of winning.

  4. I hope Pepsi do a similar promo in Europe when and if we ever get iTunes music store here. If it does I will be spending a lot on Pepsi as I love sugary fizzy drinks. I will continue to hope.

  5. I am waiting for McDonald’s 1 billion song give away when Apple launches the iTMS world edition. Then I will eat Big Mac’s like grazy?!
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  6. I can believe so many people care so much abouta a bloody fizzy drink.

    The phrase ‘get a life’ springs to mind.

    And to be a ‘loyal’ coke drinker is just madness. The marketing men and the branded culture have got you by the short and curlies. There are more significant things to worry about people.

  7. Hey, Janet Jackson. Now that’s one issue that has got us Brits scratching our head in disbelief. I mean, come on, so she got a breast out. Ooh, how bad is that? You can see two at once if you open any British tabloid, and one of our cable channels was famous for its “Topless Darts” show. Why the big deal? It wasn’t as if her and Justin had a full-on hardcore XXX show going is it?

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