Apple’s iPod ad features tune unavailable at iTunes Music Store

“Looks like Apple Computer’s advertising department and music service need to get in tune. The latest commercials for the iPod digital-music player feature the song ‘Channel Surfing,’ by a DJ named Feature Cast. They are arresting spots, with black silhouettes of dancers with white iPods against vibrant fuchsia backgrounds. The song is upbeat and catchy,” Stephen Lynch reports for The New York Post.

“There’s only one problem: As of yesterday, ‘Channel Surfing’ wasn’t available on Apple’s music store, iTunes. ‘It’s a little ironic that they chose to put that song in the commercial,’ said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst with Jupiter Research. ‘There’s probably someone in the publicity department who is a little red-faced.’ Apple officials did not return calls seeking comment,” Lynch reports.

Full article here.


  1. OK, a sense of perspective!

    Apple’s publicity uses a tune not available on iTMS, analyst feels compelled to issue a comment.

    MS issues software riddled with security holes, company founder gets honorary knighthood for services to enterprise.

    I am living in a bizarre, upside-down world.

  2. I’m sooooo happy that as Apple users, this is the biggest problem we can find to talk about today.

    Kinda makes me wish I was still had a MicroSoft operating system so we could discuss autoexec.bat problems and printer driver conflicts.

    Gosh… they were the good old days.

  3. Thanks, but the morning’s been enough of a reality nightmare on our NT server and 98 stations. New power source and cooling fans, Novarg, etc. Defrag has been going for hours now. Oh boy, can’t wait to get home.

  4. Is this as bad as when Intel used The Blue Man Group to do their Pentium commercials, when BMG actually uses Macs? Or when we found out that some of the fancy animated Pentium commercials are made on a Mac?

    Some folks will look for anything to complain about…

  5. Hey… let’s play a new game…. “Our Favorite MicroSoft Error Messages”…

    My fave?

    Upon inserting a floppy disk into a Dell laptop running ME, the computer sometimes, not always, produced this beauty…

    “This action is prohibited 843”

    Wasted days on the phone with Dell – who said it was a “randomly occuring anomoly” in some of their laptops with “Series 501 drives”.

    After two months… it went away…. No reason discovered.

    Pretty well sums up my Windows experiences over the years.

  6. Oh boy, it IS a slow news day…. so slow I had to check on iTunes, to discover there is a track called ‘Channel Surfing’ – (by a band called DDG tho’). I ‘spect it’s not the same one they’re bitching about….?

    I must be bored….

  7. Yeah…how bout when I was running a program and all of a sudden it said “out of memory”

    or that time when I was working with freehand and it said “this application has unexpectedly quit error -841”

    Oh wait…that’s not windows. Thank God for OS X

  8. Well, lots of good points on why this is No Big Deal, except…

    (1) For Windows ads to be produced on Macs is No Big Deal
    (2) For Windows to have any sort of significant problem which gets ignored by the press because its SSDD, this is No Big Deal


    (3) For Apple to keep saying that the iTMS is meant to drive sales of iPods, and for songs it uses to promote iPods to not be available on iTMS, there does seem to be something wrong with this strategy. I mean, Apple is supposed to be known for this sort of seamless integration. This **IS** a Big Deal.

    Okay, so I’m stretching my credibility quite a bit here … it’s a slow news day.

  9. What a moronic thing to comment on. First of all, I highly doubt that Apple picked the song in the first place. Apple’s ads are produced by Chiat/Day. Second, Apple doesn’t have the power to just sell any old song they want. There are many people who have to agree on it, like the artist, the publishing co., the holder of the copyright, etc. If iTMS isn’t selling it, it’s probably because someone ain’t playing ball. Geez, they just look for any little thing to nitpick, don’t they?

  10. my favorite is “Explorer has performed an illegal Operation” If problem persist please contact your vender.
    Question is who will take credit for this problem?
    Not the PC Manufacture, other software makers, or even Microsoft.
    Real Question is why do people put up with it as there home computer?

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